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Campaign Information

Titan's Fall Grand Campaign

Age of Heroes Campaign

  Season One - Laughing Mafia (Started Feb. 9, 2019)   Episode Zero - The Initiation   Episode One - Awakening   Episode Two - Undeath   Episode Three - Heroes & Vigilantes   Episode Four - Omega   Episode Five - Pain and Laughter Part One   Episode Six - Pain and Laughter Part Two   Season Complete   Season Two - Zero Year (April 26, 2019)   Episode Seven - Mansion of Madness   Episode Eight - Rainfall Part One   Episode Nine - Rainfall Part Two   Episode Ten - Questions and Answers   Episode Eleven - The Riddle of Death   Special Event - Crisis on Infinite Earths (August 19, 2019)   Episode Twelve - Reign Fall Part One   Episode Thirteen - Reign Fall Part Two   Episode Fourteen - Iron Hearts   Episode Fifteen - Battle of the Mad Titan   Episode Sixteen - Magician's Secrets   Episode Seventeen - The Bane of Dragons and Men   Episode Eighteen - Golden Age   Season Complete   Season Spin-Off - Secret Origins (October 28, 2019)   Episode Nineteen - Dogs of War   Episode Twenty - Death in War   Episode Twenty-one - Bureau of Secrets   Season Complete   Season Three - Death of Freedom (December 9, 2019)   Episode Twenty-two - Forlorn Society   Episode Twenty-three - Slaughtered Society   Episode Twenty-four - Broken Society   Episode Twenty-five - Anti Society   Episode Twenty-six - Freedom Society   Episode Twenty-seven - Hellfire Society   Special Event Episode - Age of Heroes (January 27, 2020)   Season and Campaign Complete  

Kingdom Come Campaign

  Season Four - Renaissance of Power (February 1, 2020)   Episode Twenty-eight - Fated Crossing (February 8, 2020)   Episode Twenty-nine - Tears in the Night   Episode Thirty - The Witching Hour   Episode Thirty-one - Betrayal at the Fated Crossing   Episode Thirty-two - Whispering Woods   Episode Thirty-three - Chaos Courtesans   Episode Thirty-four - The Path of Heroes   Episode Thirty-five - In the Hands of Death   Special Event Episode - Siege of Áthulus   Episode Thirty-six - Soul Stone   Episode Thirty-seven - Red Larch and Beyond   Episode Thirty-eight - Big Rick Energy   Episode Thirty-nine - Lost Dungeon of Rickedness   Episode Forty - Shadows of Madness   Episode Forty-one - Treachery of Winter   Episode Forty-two - The Wrath of Agrik   Episode Forty-three - Landed Champions   Episode Forty-four - Nobles of Waterdeep   Episode Forty-five - Chance at Life   Episode Forty-six - Waterdeep Royalty   Episode Forty-seven - Time Anew   Episode Forty-eight - Dungeon of the Crypt   Episode Forty-nine - Fallen Champion (September 4, 2020)   Season Complete   Season Five - Forging Fate (September 12, 2020)   Episode Fifty - God Slayer's Retreat   Episode Fifty-one - Dragons Above   Episode Fifty-two - Dungeons and Dragons   Episode Fifty-three - Against the Hill Giants   Episode Fifty-four - The Return   Episode Fifty-five - Stone Riders   Episode Fifty-six - Upon the Walls   Episode Fifty-seven - Neverwinter Never Rests   Episode Fifty-eight - Lost Heir   Episode Fifty-nine - Traitor's Truth   Episode Sixty - Enemy's Eye   Episode Sixty-one - Enemy's Gate   Episode Sixty-two - Masked Vengeance   Episode Sixty-three - Fallen Hero   Episode Sixty-four - The Thessalhydra   Episode Sixty-five - Temple of Moloch   Episode Sixty-six - Tomb of Horrors   Season Complete   Season Six - Fate Reforged (February 13, 2021)   Episode Sixty-seven - Challenging Fate   Episode Sixty-eight - The Eyes of Death   Episode Sixty-nine - Kraken Unleashed   Episode Seventy - Thessaldeath   Episode Seventy-one - Battle for Olostin's Hold   Episode Seventy-two - Skyfall (May 8, 2021)  

Fated Entropy Grand Campaign

Dark Comedy Campaign

  Season Seven - Of Gods and Men (May 15, 2021)   Episode Seventy-three - Beyond Skyfall   Episode Seventy-four - Victims of Hate   Episode Seventy-five - Diplomatic Action   Episode Seventy-six - Warriors New and Old   Episode Seventy-seven - Triumph of the Dark Lord   Episode Seventy-eight - From Void to Void   Episode Seventy-nine - Escaping the Sanctum   Episode Eighty - Return to the Sanctum of the Void   Episode Eighty-one - Know Thy Foe   Episode Eighty-two - Hearts of Vengeance   Episode Eighty-three - Mysterious Magics   Episode Eighty-four - Lair of the Goblin King   Episode Eighty-five - Forlorn's Hope   Episode Eighty-six - Lair of the Death Tyrant   Episode Eighty-seven - Return to the Tomb of Horrors   Episode Eighty-eight - Lost in the Tomb of Horrors   Episode Eighty-nine - Dragon Marked   Episode Ninety - Brother's Grim   Episode Ninety-one - Rat's Bane   Episode Ninety-two - The Grove Below   Episode Ninety-three - There and Back Again   Episode Ninety-four - Eberheart's Return   Episode Ninety-five - Reprieve in Norden Keep   Episode Ninety-six - Caves of Chaos  

Frozen Hold Campaign

  Season One - Rime of the Frostmaiden (November 18, 2021)   Frozen Episode One - Below Zero   Frozen Episode Two - Below Zero

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