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Episode Fifty-five - Stone Riders

General Summary

The Champions of Destiny, joined by Aldrich, Autumn, Calaeriel, and Thorum, had all arrived with their staff on the previous evening, the 17th of Altriak, at the Deepwinter Estate. Once in the home and out of the winter weather, Farnsworth begged to treat them all to dinner in bed to rest their road weary feet. After baths and dinner in bed they all got a well earned, long rest. The home was soon as warm as they had left it and come morning they were all treated to a warm meal of exquisite preparation and taste, thanks to the ever excellent Mrs. Crestreg. With their bellies full they all retired to their rooms to prepare their arms and armor, it was then that Farnsworth called from the lounge room that the staff were ready for their departure again and he asked if they would meet him for a quick word first.   Farnsworth then informed Arion and Varis, as they were joined by Aldrich and Calaeriel, about potential visitors in their absence, per Arion's wishes. He told them that there were several doors that were left open that weren't previously, that there were a few books scatted about the floor with one of the dining hall's candlesticks, and that there was another candlestick missing. Farnsworth also informed them that there were two frozen ravens, one killed by a scorch and the other likely impaled by a dagger, murdered outside. Aldrich suggested an investigation and Arion put Farnsworth on finding a detective.   The morning then brought them south to the River Gate and then to the Gentle Rest Stable where they purchased mounts and a breeding horse for the estate; all for a gem taken from the lair of a dragon. When they made it to the captain of Castle Waterdeep, that they'd encountered before, he told them that bureaucracy prevented him from getting the scrolls needed and Arion set on a war path. Filing papers and questioning the vile recordskeeper, Nizil Rotsk (pronounced Rot-ski), they gained their target, a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.   The party marched toward Piergeiron's Palace and within it, in the Court of the Lords of Waterdeep, Arion accused the Masked Lords of having a traitor among them. Most were shocked but one gave only a chuckle as Aldrich and Calaeriel watched them. Calaeriel marched forward and drew sword to point out the Masked Lord but was then dropped into a paralyzed state by a ward of that place. The elven form of the Masked Lord reminded Arion of one whom had voted against him before. As Arion levied an accusation of treason, Varis slipped away and sealed the private exit of the chamber with the help of a guard who knew him.   Arion demanded that the requisition be fixed and what he needed be given and it was then that the Masked Lord, that he knew to be Omin, did so with the backing of another Masked Lord whom had voted against him. That masked lord, a female, then elected to immediately sentence Calaeriel and remanded her to Arion's service.   With the scene concluded, the captain of Castle Waterdeep obtained the scrolls and warned the party of potential dangers in Leilon. With scrolls in hand, the party returned to their estate and teleported away hoping to find Dagult Neverember with ease. Appearing several hundred yards outside of the town of Leilon on the backs of their horses, they looked about their surroundings and witnessed the old mage's tower of the town of Leilon and thus were all turned to stone.   In their petrified state, though it would not be known to them, they would never awaken. Come the year that would have been to them 2421 DR, on a planet far away, several adventurers would force their time and the history behind it into several Hypertimelines until they could find one to cement. The first of those timelines saw the Champions of destiny awaken in a dark place. Unthawing in a shadowy hall with glowing teleportation circles etched into the floor, the timeline started to cement. Before they even had time to consider their situation, the image of a female Red Wizard suddenly appeared and spoke.   “I am Syranna,” she said. “It was I who brought you here. Welcome to Thay.”

Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Deepwinter Deed Complete, Subquest Dagult's Chamions Failed

Character(s) interacted with

A captain of Castle Waterdeep (Stirgan Cragwatcher), Masked Lords of Waterdeep

Created Content

Captain of Castle Waterdeep (Stirgan Cragwatcher) [Roll20]


Notable Party Damage:

  • Aldrich has a scrape on the right arm of his armor from a javelin.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Arion came from Arda with a scar that won't seem to heal. He has several faint scuffs on his shield from the tail of a horned devil. He also has a small hole from from an arrow on his forward facing, left pauldron.
    Noted Effects: Minor Scar (Head). The scar doesn't have any adverse effect. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.
  • Calaeriel is pristine.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Varis is pristine.
    Noted Effects: None
Masked Lords.png
Report Date
25 Oct 2020
Primary Location

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