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Lord Varis Irithyl

Varis, born of the noble house Irithyl in Myth Drannor, Faerûn, was an artificer with a passion for magic. Varis had held very few close in his life but instead had made great strides in his quest for knowledge; knowledge once thought exclusive to the Gnomes of Toril. Wielding magically infused items, Varis sought ever greater magics and dedicated himself to learning all that could be taught. Eventually Varis fell in battle to a greater artificer, though he was finished off by his minion; the famous Thessalar, creator of the Owlbear.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Varis was born to a noble family in Myth Drannor but evacuated with the other Elves to Evermeet when he was merely thirty-five winters old.   Varis returned to Faerûn when he was sixty-five years old. Upon witnessing the devastation of his former homeland, he realized that the traditions and magic of the Elves was insufficient to keep the powers of darkness at bay. He also observed how quickly the shorter-lived races had adapted and grown, particularly in their theoretical understandings and applications of magic. He believed that by merging Elves arcane traditions with new and progressive practices, a revolutionary form of physical magic may succeed where the old ways had failed.   By the age of sixty-six, in 1380 DR, as Myth Drannor was being reconquered, he resolved to set out in search of answers. His first stop was Candlekeep along the Moonsea Ride. He spent a year in the library, poring over tomes ancient and contemporary, searching for different ways to utilize the Weave. He rejected pact magic outright, and knew sorcery to be unreliable at best. These studies led him to the science of artifice, a fusion of magic and physical implements. Seeing in this the perfect marriage of arcane art and progressive innovation, he resolved to learn all he could about it; his next destination was the birthplace of artifice; the isles of Lantan.   It was in Lantan, he studied artifice for four years until the Spellplague struck in 1385 DR when he was seventy-one years old. He escaped the island's destruction aboard a ship bound for Luskan, where he spent the next two decades studying at the Host Tower of the Arcane, until 1405 DR.   He then spent the next twenty years (1405-1425 DR) trying to become an adventurer and put his theoretical knowledge to the test. Things did not go well and his funds dried up. Destitute and desperate, he turned to his family, long neglected, and begged them for help. They brought him aid but on the condition that he abandon his wayward and childish ways and dedicate himself to his duty as a scion of the Irithyl family.   Varis spent thirty years (1425-1455 DR) establishing trade routes and political and economical alliances connecting his family to the Sword Coast.   Varis applied for membership in the Waterdeep Guild of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in 1456 DR. For the next twenty-four years he has continued to run his family's business and trade in Waterdeep, working on his magical and artificial experiments in the interim. He also joined the Order's Spellguard, which served as both a practical forum for his skills, as well as a welcome distraction from the tedium of his family's business. At the age of one hundred and sixty-nine Varis, whom had lived in the Royal Paddocks (north of the Palace of Waterdeep) for the last thirty or so years and was effectively the only emissary to Myth Drannor, met the Champions of Destiny and his life and duties forever changed.


Contacts & Relations

Varis is friends with Dagult Neverember.

Family Ties

Varis' mother Quelenna blames him for abandoning the family and his duty in his fool pursuit of childish dreams. His father Lucan was imprisoned for most of his life. His brother Berrian, the eldest, is alive but doing poorly due to financial difficulties whilst the next eldest, Earden, ha become quite infamous. Thiala, the youngest and his sister, is alive and well and like the others has a friendly relationship with Varis.

Family History

When the "Old Soldier" Ivasaar Irithyl, a prominent veteran in the Akh'Velahr, was slain by none other then Aulmpiter in 711 DR; his sons knew they had enlist to fight for their kin. Under the command of their uncle, their mother's brother, Captain Fflar Melruth; the eldest brother, Neldor, was slain in battle but Elnaril lived on. After the great battle of the Weeping War on the 15th of Flamerule, 714 DR, the name Irithyl would live on in fame as the young Elnaril would spend the next two years being a main force in the reconquest of Myth Drannor. For his contributions in the war effort, in the year 747 DR, Elnaril's house of Irithyl would become a noble one. In his later years, Elnaril would marry and have two sons. His eldest son Ivasaaris would gain his forest keep and a large portion of his wealth but his younger would gain some riches and his temperament. Lucan was born in 993 DR and though he would go on to find trouble in his life, he would marry and have four capable children.   Quelenna first gave birth to her son Berrian, then her son Earden, and eventually her youngest child and daughter Thiala. Varis was his third however, he would be born in 1339 DR in their large family home and though other children saw him as being different or strange, he was quite brilliant. Though Varis had had few companions, his life would be full and his future capable of wild wandering.   In 1344 DR, the vast majority of elves left for Evermeet, participating in the Retreat that saw over ninety percent of the elves in the forest of Cormanthor migrate to Evermeet. Along for the journey, the house of Irithyl found a new home in Evermeet.   In 1374 DR Seiveril Mirita led an army to reclaim Myth Drannor and in 1379 the house of Irithyl came to rebuild their familial home. Once in an established house on Sunblade Street once again, the family soon returned to their old ways.
962 CE 1065 CE 103 years old
Circumstances of Death
Varis technically died in the year that would have been 1388 DR but he died on another plane while time traveling. Varis was killed by Thessalar in the Temple of Moloch.
Presented Sex
Black, worn long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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