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Episode Seventy-nine - Escaping the Sanctum

General Summary

Surrounded on all sides, the Champions of Destiny found themselves in dire straits as Sol and Annabelle became locked in a magical aura. As Arion delivered slash after slash, each one cutting down a kobold, Katerina dealt a sneaky shot to a kobold and sent it fleeing from their rear. As they fought back their enemies and protected their companions, they soon found the kobold attack weakened.   Inside the aura, a voice called out to Annabelle, "there's rarely, if ever, a mage that steps onto my plane that I know nothing about. Who are you and where are you from?"   As the deep, but lilting brogue found voice from nowhere, Annabelle gave retort to the nothingness. "May I know where we are?"   "Some call it the Outlands, but the locals call it Noveatus."   "Moments ago I was in a catacomb I think."   "I'm not asking where you've been, I'm askin' where were ya' born. I didn't give ya' this power."   "I was born on Faerûn," Annabelle responded and just like that, she was freed.   Looking about, she saw Sol surrounded in the same rainbow-ish aura she'd been trapped in and then caught up with Katerina.   "Where am I needed?" Annabelle asked.   "Arion has the kobolds, ward off any more kobolds from the rear."   Soon the kobolds retreated and as they fled, only one remained, cowering in fear. Arion struck a deal with the creature and he would serve to warn the others of the turmoil they would meet in an attack. Searching the dungeon then, they found little but a kobold habitat, what little they did find lead to questions for Arion. First, they found a statue of Elendil and a room detailing his life, then they found a chest of prototype helms for Gondor, one of which Arion had in his Bag of Holding. There after they decided to rest and guard themselves in the room of Elendil with Sol stood in the corner, trapped in the voice's magical aura.   Setting out the next morning, the heroes stopped only to allow @Arion a chance to call out to the beholder they'd fought the previous evening, he shouted through the halls, "Zouthy! We came into your lair, beat you to a pulp, and left you cowering in fear. I am going to hire a bard to travel throughout all the land and tell the story of your defeat to all that can hear! See you later... oh wait, we cannot see you because you are hiding in the dark. Bwhahaha!" Though a room filled with mold and a small kobold attack, the heroes found themselves in trouble again. Annabelle took a moment to fix Katerina's broken ribs and a wound that was festering from mold; as Arion chased the kobolds down. In a hall filled with murder-holes, the group got shot and shredded as they made their way through the hall and Arion angrily intimidated the kobolds. A deal struck, the party was to investigate a sarcophagus in order to gain free passage out of the dungeon.   Seeing a portrait of Klothys and a woman named Dera Mor, Annabelle called on her Planar Ally for questions. When the Olympian titan was summoned he told Annabelle that Dera was cast out for her love with a human, a stranger, and the child they conceived out of wedlock but he assured her, so long as she was whom she'd always been, she would be kind and friendly.   Through a passage in the bottom of the sarcophagus, they met in the nude the once goddess Dera Mor. Stood behind a chair in the back of the room "The Fallen Lady" Dera Mor told the group she was the daughter of a Klothys and sister of Epione. She told them that she had been cursed with vampirism and had chosen seclusion and isolation in order to safeguard the people on the plane above. She mourned that her life was one of loneliness and stood still yet naked she told them that she never expected visitors. She told them that as she reached adulthood, she fell in love with a stranger to their plane, a man named Leo Von Gruemann and that her lust for the stranger could not be contained and when she slept with him, he left her with a child. Her mother had little choice but to cast Dera out and rebuke her powers. As a woman, she took the name Mor to brand her own longing and found her life extended by way of divine magic. Her daughter aged slowly and after thirty years she was but a child. It was then that the village she found safe harbor in was attacked by a vampire and his thralls. Not killed, but cursed, Dera sought the wisdom of Dimaethor, a creature of legend, and fought with him in a battle against a demon horde. She had found purpose in life but she was never cured. When their battles were over she locked herself away and swore to safeguard the people of the Isle of Man from her evil curse.   Arion then offered the woman a vial of cure and she became overjoyed with the chance to free herself from the affliction. They then guarded her as she took the cure and offering what she had to the group, Katerina looked through Dera's magic items. All sex related, Katerina opted out and soon after, Dera awoke and the group departed as she gathered her things. Through the kobold lair, they arrived in the dungeon above then Katerina struggled but got them past the lock that had kept the kobolds at bay. Through the ruined Sanctum of the Void, they marched and met an encroaching wanderer, a tall man from The North, as he called it, named Jorg'Mok Unmarked Kadrire'X. He had taken the armor found on that level then took up with the group as they strode forth to leave, fearing the statue he snuck past.   Arion searched the dungeon further and even shelved some fallen books in an office before they all exited via a tree on the surface above. Seeing only the forest, a trail, and an old marble mausoleum they took to the trail and headed into a small hamlet further on. Not but three farm houses and their barns, they met a farmer and he offered them a place in his barn when they asked.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Sidequest Forlorn Founding Continued, Subquest Tomb of the Void Completed


Notable Party Damage:

  • Aldrich has a horrible burn scar on the left side of his neck in front of the ear from an azure fire elemental summoned by Seldra Tylmarande. His armor and shield are extremely claw marked from many Lizardfolk. His shield has a large fist shaped dent in it from when he was crushed by a Sacred Statue.
    Noted Effects: Horrible Scar (Neck). You are disfigured to the extent that the wound can't be easily concealed. You have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks and advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar. Missing.
  • Annabelle has a hole in her armor and healing wound on her right abdomen from a kobold's arrow
    Noted Effects: None
  • Arion came from Arda with a scar that won't seem to heal.
    Noted Effects: Minor Scar (Head). The scar doesn't have any adverse effect. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.
  • Katerina has bruising on her ribs from falling when she was lit on fire by a kobold.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Sol has tear marks across the back and chest of his shirt, as well as down the sleeve, from the claws of lizardfolk. He was shot in the stomach by a beholder's enervation ray and it left a burned hole in his clothes. He has a scar across his right jaw from a nail that was shot at him in an explosion.
    Noted Effects: Horrible Scar. You are disfigured to the extent that the wound can't be easily concealed. You have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks and advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.
Report Date
11 Jul 2021
Primary Location

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