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Episode Thirteen - Reign Fall Part Two Report

General Summary

Soldier finds himself in a metal cell, Dawnguard a wooden one with runes all about the wall, Gadget too, and Titan was in a concrete cell. They would then hear the voice of Yankee, who robbed a bank in 2018 and landed himself in prison. The heroes question him and he tell them that it was all a setup, that the party was guided here to meet someone and that they all made it back. He told them that they found a titan and he set them on the path of a war with gods. When released from their cells, the party tries to convince the titan to free them. Soldier tries to convince the titan to leave so that they can help him find his meaning. They learn then that he has a fascination for a war with the Gods of the Outlands or the New Gods. Masters then asks who is the father of all gods and the titan tell them Zenric. He then gave them some information about how he created the pantheons but though this conversation, it was Dawnguard who turned him around. They all agree to fight the gods with the titan and he then frees them but informs them that they most grow in strength and find the Sourcebook for more answers.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Completed Plot

Character(s) interacted with

The Titan, a new Beaumont, and a changed Ms. Citizen
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
10 Sep 2019
Primary Location

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