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Die's World - Age of Heroes

A Mutants & Masterminds game In the world of Dies Multiverse
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The party begins in the 1920's and must keep themselves and the world around them, namely Freedom City, alive and well. The world is their stomping ground and the villains won't stop coming.

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Sessions Archive

27th Jan 2020

Special Event Episode - Age of Heroes

The heroes bring about an age of superheros.

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13th Jan 2020

Episode Twenty-seven - Hellfire Society

Hell falls to Earth

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7th Jan 2020

Episode Twenty-six - Freedom Society

The party regroup after a day that exacted a heavy toll.

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31st Dec 2019

Episode Twenty-five - Anti Society

Freedom Comes at a Cost

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23rd Dec 2019

Episode Twenty-four - Broken Society

The team bury comrades.

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16th Dec 2019

Episode Twenty-three - Slaughtered Society

The Society is Slaughtered

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16th Dec 2019

Episode Twenty-two - Forlorn Society

Dark days befall the Society

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3rd Dec 2019

Session Twenty-one - Bureau of Secrets

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25th Nov 2019

Session Twenty - Death in War

Flying over Germany

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28th Oct 2019

Session Nineteen - Dogs of War

We fall back to the secret origin of one of the intrepid heroes.

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22nd Oct 2019

Session Eighteen - Tea Time with Dragons

Dragons and a League of Assassins.

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15th Oct 2019

Session Seventeen - The Bane of Dragons and Men

An assassin arrives from the future to do battle with the Freedom Society.

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7th Oct 2019

Session Sixteen - Magician's Secrets

The party forms together to answer questions.

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30th Sep 2019

Session Fifteen - Battle of the Mad Titan

A brutal battle with a Titan

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16th Sep 2019

Session Fourteen - Iron Hearts

The party must feel their way emotionally through the new timeline.

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9th Sep 2019

Session Thirteen - Reign Fall Part Two

The heroes settle into prison life

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26th Aug 2019

Session Twelve - Reign Fall Part One

The party find their free reign stolen and their secrets on the line.

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19th Aug 2019

Special Event Session - Crisis on Infinite Earths

The party faces a choice, save the infinite Earths or save their friends and recent rescuer.

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