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Freedom City

In Freedom City, you can see heroes flying through the sky, zombies and giant dinosaurs emerging from the ocean, trees uprooting and rampaging in the streets, and even buildings coming to life. Still, it’s also a city where millions of people live, work, and play every day.   Like most big cities, Freedom City has a schism between rich and poor, but people don’t always let themselves notice it. In the new high-rise apartments and sprawling manors, the wealthy have lives of leisure, interrupted by the occasional plot to rob or blackmail them. Others aren’t so lucky and struggle with poor living conditions, or work in a constantly changing world that seems to have left them behind. Some don’t even have that and face life out on the streets with nowhere to turn. Like the worlds of normal people and superhumans, those of the rich and poor rarely mix.   Despite the occasional unnatural storm or super-powered battle among the skyscrapers downtown, most people in Freedom go about their daily lives. They go to work, complain about traffic and construction, go out for lunch or dinner, and go home to their families at night. Evenings and weekends, they find time to get out and enjoy some of the unique things the city has to offer. This is the majority of the citizenry—middle class and comfortable, except when demons rampage down the streets or aliens invade. Life in Freedom City is many things, regardless of income and living conditions, but it’s certainly never dull.


Home of the original superhero team.

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