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Episode Twenty-six - Freedom Society Report

General Summary

The society's meeting with the Overmonitor exacted a heavy toll.   Soldier was lain on the Atrium floor weak and dying, his muscles were atrophied and his mind was scrambled. Kole whisked him away and placed him in a hospital. He'd been healing and as he struggled to regain what he lost, he pushed his body beyond what a normal human is capable of achieving. In his drive, he rehabilitated but his body needed intense medical care. Caroline had been by his side the whole time, she’d been holding out hope for Soldier and holding on to hope for the survival of their friends. Like a disease he'd been sickened by the rapid growth of crime in his absence so he drilled everyday and knew he felt hardly up for the same fight but still capable. He knew that the road ahead would be difficult and the challenge the Society would face would be the greatest they’d ever faced but he was ready. Though the method of his heroism had changed he knew he could still lead the Society into a bright future. On January 13, 1934 he and his wife left the hospital and saw Kole and Joffery waiting for them.   Kole, life had become fundamentally different. He was no longer possessed by a dragon but as he studied his mind and body he realized that he had become imbued with a dragon’s aura. He was stronger then before his possession, faster and more physically capable too but he needed information. He sought someone who could help and found a man living in Kingston. Born in the mountains of China, this man guarded his secrets but he helped Kole find the truth of his Dragon Spirit. Shou Lun had answers but Kole was still in the dark as to how he'd reached the near peak of human capabilities and how Shou Lun knew anything about it. Shou Lun had, however, shown Kole his importance though he failed to see it himself. Imbued with a Dragon Spirit he decided to speak with Soldier about where to go further. As he met with Ben and his wife at the Mid-Town Hospital, he saw a new face approach.   Dawnguard had been eradicated by an Omega Beam, a force he thought nigh impossible. He'd traveled to the Sixth Dimension and met a being with infinite power that bestowed gracious mercy but took what he'd spent a life time building. His sorcery had become weak, his spells seemed impossible to call on. What spells he could muster were often exhausting and lackluster. The Overmonitor had taken everything from Dawnguard so he decided to take to the ways of a wizard and began seeking answers in books. With a new face, that of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. who'd recently been secretly shot and buried in a shallow grave in a forest outside of Los Angles, Dawnguard journeyed home and after the journey he lost himself in his research. He tried to find a way to recover everything he'd lost but he learned of that impossibility and knew he'd be forever changed. The greatest sorcerer on Earth would still be such but his power would be weak to him though on par with that of his mentor, the once wizard king. Practically wearing a new mind with his face, he forsook the name Dawnguard and preferred instead, Julls. At the hospital, the man that was once Dawnguard, introduced himself to his allies as Julls.   The team decided that the best course of action was to find Lucy and set about doing so. They headed to Providence Asylum where they met none other then the actual Roy Kilmer. He informed them of his guess work about Soldier's secret identity and offered the Freedom Society a mission, they tested him to ensure he was not another version of himself (Mr. Mxyzptlk), which he found odd. He then told the Society they they were the only people who could save the entire planet from certain doom. Taking a moment, the team discussed their options. Julls worked hard to convince Kole that even a man with no abilities has the ability to step up and fight for order among the chaos. He told Kole, "some men are born to be great and some have greatness thrust upon them.". Julls told Kole that he was born to be great and that he should do the job he's best at. Then their target found them, the face of Birdie walked through the door and for a moment Soldier recognized her.   In mid-December Birdie had, had a dream where she watched her hand shatter into ash and fall away and by the end of the month she felt her mind fighting her. She could sense something had changed as memories foreign to her forced her to question her resolve. She wase on assignment from the Bureau of Normalcy, sent to normalize Freedom City. At the end of the month she knew she couldn’t go on, the split in her mind made her sure that she couldn’t kill the Freedom Society. She immediately checked herself into the only place that made sense, Providence Asylum. In her voluntary two weeks she healed and became one but she'd changed. She then had the memories of a woman she’d never met and still she knew everything Lucy had ever known. Stepping into the room that day, she bore a new face.   Though he initially riddled lies, his truth became clear, Roy Kilmer was the secret founder of a new organization known as the Central Intelligence Agency and he's been given information that the world was set to collide with another. Hopping that doom wouldn't fall on the world, he prepared for the equally dangerous scenario that it wouldn't and the planet that was appearing from the Bleed would invade. The information had come to him via a proposition that only he'd taken seriously. A man named Doctor Hanz Zarkov, a theoretical physicist and engineer, had proposed that a planet would be appearing from a pocket dimension on a collision course for Earth and he suggested that it was no accident or gravitational conundrum but an invasion. Roy informed the Society that Zarkov had plans for a rocket that he had stolen and he wanted them to complete it and help his strike preemptively. Roy told them that he'd recruited a student from Yale, a polo champion, to go and work with the doctor; he told them the man's name was Flash Gordon.   Up for a "Buck Rogers" style adventure, most of the team agreed but Kole walked out. Warning of even greater threats on Earth and underneath it, Morlocks as Soldier pointed out, the team moved swifty and boarded a plane to Kentucky after their affairs were settled. Bartering from diplomatic immunity deals and no taxation, Earth's mightiest heroes completed the CIA's rocket as the words of Jules to Kole rung in their heads, "that's what heroes do Kole." Knowing they were up for a task only they were capable of, the Freedom Society readied for another grand adventure as dawn broke. Without sleep and filled with worry, the team stood in a briefing room wondering what the day would hold.

Character(s) interacted with

Roy Kilmer
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
07 Jan 2020
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