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Episode Fourteen - Iron Hearts Report

General Summary

The group talked to Ms. Citizen who asked Copycat to take his true form, Peter who has a girlfriend named Mary. She later offered the atrium as a building for a headquarters. Ms. Citizen would invite Gadget to stay with her. The group heads out to learn information. Grome heads off to discuss events with Alonzo Scott, Doc Scott's doppelganger. He told Grome that he was no doctor or supernatural being. He said, "I always knew Doc Scott would send someone to take me out, he took my life after all." Alonzo revealed, he took Scott's pension after he disappeared and Doc Scott would come for him after he was done just hiding out. He informed Grome he is not Doc Scott and not a good man. Copy Cat made it to his apartment and learns that his past self from the new earth had a journal in the apartment that he shared with a girl named Mary, it was on the desk in the bedroom and there was a letter on a journal. The letter was a fan letter from Stan Lee. Copycat would take the time to write back. There was also a photo of Peter and Mary and Peter and his aunt in the room. Grome would then go to the door of Beaumont and invite him to the work he would do on the bridges, he took him through a portal and Beau said he would be nothing to read Robin Hood and not adventure and then stepped through. He saw his tunneling power and his environmental power to shape bridges. He would later write a small column about it and Soldier who was helping. He said, "I like to keep you all in check, its necessary for the city to keep things in balance." Dawnguard (spent a heropoint to donate an item to get into the University's good graces and get access) he read a book about the Cult of Mayombe then took the book and created a copy of it. It took some time looking in books with relation to the gods before he found a conspiracy theory book that claimed that a SourceBook exists to chronicle the creation of time and the book was eaten by Entropy itself. He committed it to memory and then memorized the list of factory and staff, names, addresses and everything he could. The crew once linked back up, opened a portal to the Pre-Crisis Universe only to see stark white nothingness. The Party discussed time travel and dimensional travel and then CopyCat left to settle into the timeline, off to become a Friendly Neighborhood CopyCat. The party decided that the least harm would come by remaining in the current timeline. They stepped through a portal to the collapsed building only for a dragon to swoop down and land before them.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Completed Plot

Character(s) interacted with

Alonzo Scott, Beaumont, and Ms. Citizen
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
23 Sep 2019
Primary Location

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