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Episode Sixteen - Magician's Secrets Report

General Summary

The party slept for the night until December 11th. Having come out of the library Yankee took the book, How to Live Without a Body, he told Dawnguard that the book was for use in the future they'd recounted to him. Dawnguard questioned Yankee about Doc Scott and Yankee told him that Doc Scott said he was just repeating everything he'd done in the other world. Later, the party went to meet Lantern Jack and he introduced himself and told his story to Dawnguard, he also said that he was an associate of the Freedom Society. Man-dragon was around then too. The past version of Dawnguard stepped forward, the silhouette of gadget, and the party that was. The ghost of Gadget tried to speak but her speech was muffled. Dr Mist, the eccentric magician, created an amulet with a rune inscribed on it by Dawnguard and it allows Man-Dragon to go back to human form. Dr. Mist used his book to cast spells and summon his library for all of the information he used to create the Amulet. Dawguard told Dr. Mist that the Mad Titan was poisoned by Vandal Savage. Dawnguard then summoned the Mad Titan and only a skeleton remained that deteriorated in a white light. Dawnguard wrote down the information of what happened in 2019 in his own log. Mist then claimed that Raz knew the location of Vandal and Merlin. Then Man-Dragon turned into a real dragon.

Rewards Granted


Character(s) interacted with

Met Dr. Mist
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
15 Oct 2019
Primary Location

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