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Episode Twenty-three - Slaughtered Society Report

General Summary

After a radio announcement from Police Chief Knoll, on Dec 13, 1933, the Society set to meet at 10 AM. On his way, along with Gadget, Weird Maggie told Dawnguard, "Once I gave you a dream of the future yet to unfold but now, Mordecai Atlantean of another name, I gift you a further future to be guarded by your night's eye when the dawn breaks. I have seen Infinity he blotted out our stars as he approached. He will be the destroyer of infinite space. You will see with your night's eye when dawn breaks." Dawnguard then explained to Gadget the future he'd seen.   The team discussed their situation regarding Chief Knoll and as they made a decision, they heard a car crash outside behind The Atrium. When the Society arrived, they realized that a red 1928 Plymouth Model Q Coupe crashed into a yellow 1931 Hillman Wizard. The Coupe had a male driver and a female passenger who were both unconscious whilst the rattled Wizard had a young boy in the back seat, a female passenger and a male driver. Flames roared over the hood of the wizard as an old lady fainted and that was who Gadget had seen first. Having been taught CPR by Dawnguard, Gadget began as Man-Dragon sliced the door off of the wizard and pulled out the driver. Running along side Dawnguard as he approached Gadget, Man-dragon placed the body beside Dawnguard on the sidewalk. Dawnguard assisted gadget with the old woman and he used his magic to heal the lady. Dawnguard restarted the old woman's heart after she had a heart attack as saved her life. Soldier aided the woman in the passenger seat of the wizard and brought her to the triage area. He then went to the other car, where Ms. Citizen was taking out the passenger, and he pulled out the driver of the Coupe. Gadget treated a massive gash on the left side of the wizard's passenger's head. Man-Dragon then saved a young boy from the growing fire of the wizard and set him down gently in the triage area. Dawnguard then healed the gashed and glass covered driver of the wizard. Soldier took the driver from Coupe as a man approached Iron Maiden and began shouting. The man was sided with Chief Knoll ans he told Maiden to "go back to wherever the hell you came from." After Soldier intimidated the man and he scattered, Soldier stepped around and behind Iron Maiden and the moment went into a still focus for Dawnguard. As the embers fell, he watched as Soldier was covered in blood and a thump turned the head of every member of the Society. Feeling no pain, Soldier didn't even bother checking himself. He looked Maiden up and down only to see right though her stomach. He grabbed her before she fell and though she kicked and fought in a hysterical shock with wide eyes, Soldier drug her to the triage area. Looking to the window where Soldier pointed out the glint of a scope, Gadget used her powers to force the weapon to fall apart. Gadget then worked hard to spare the little boy from his wounds and only found success. Dawnguard tried to save the driver of the Coupe but the trauma proved to much, even for his powers, logically, carefully, Dawnguard pronounced the man dead. Moving along, Dawnguard stuck his hand in Iron Maiden's massive open wound and began to regenerate her tissue but his will wasn't enough. Soldier pour his will into his heart and hoped beyond any normal man that Iron Maiden could be saved and Dawnguard could sense Soldier's natural aura. Overcome by Soldier's will, Dawnguard grabbed Soldier's arm and used Soldier's indomitable will miraculously heal Iron Maiden. Man-Dragon, in a fit of rage, took flight. Desperate to find the enemy, Man-Dragon swooped into the open window of the apartment building and there he found a disassembled rifle and a note. He ran through the door searched the building but he found nothing, he ran to the stairs and searched the stairs but he found nothing, then he ran to the roof but found nothing. Back at the room, he took the note from the table and flew back. Man-Dragon read the note, a further threat from the unknown man, and handed it to Soldier who saw the schematic on the back and he handed it to Gadget. Gadget determined the gun was set to fire on a timer that was set years in advance. Iron Maiden, Ms. Citizen, and Yankee headed back through a portal Dawnguard opened to The Atrium and then Dawnguard and Gadget followed. Needing a pick-me-up, Ms. Citizen called Joffery as Soldier and Man-dragon awaited the police.   As the police arrived, Gadget peeked though the window above. An FCPD Sergeant told Soldier and Man-Dragon that they are loved by many, especially the police, but that a faction of the police and citizenry hated the Freedom Society. Knoll then arrived and told Soldier that his crimes essentially amount to conspiracy to commit crime, like the mafia, and that his actions, like assault, are very illegal. Soldier knew that vigilantism wasn't illegal but Knoll swore to arrest him on it anyway. Soldier won the war of words and stepped away from the conversation the clear victor. Back at The Atrium, once all together, Yankee went to get Joffery from the car where the missing Vincent Morris awaited. As Joffery went to get the door for the two gentlemen, as the reunited with Yankee's head through the open window, the car exploded. Vincent lower half was obliterated and only his upper half would be plastered and melted onto the front seat. Yankee's arm, leg, and head could be found but not by Gadget or Ms. Citizen who couldn't bare the sight. Iron Maiden froze there at the steps as Gadget hugged and comforted Citizen. Dawnguard healed Joffery and went for the head of Yankee but as he lifted the charred skull, the inner bits fell out. Gadget guarded Ms. Citizen's eyes as a newspaper hit Man-Dragons leg. Looking up with tears in her eyes Citizen exclaimed that Vincent was in the car. As Man-Dragon read the writing on the paper, Dawnguard explained that the unknown man had killed himself in the future. Chief Knoll arrived soon there after and cracked a small smile. He claimed that the Society aren't even human. Soldier called the chief yellow and picked at him for not even fighting in the war. Knoll told the Society that they need to clean up their mess and he called them "mutant bastards." Soldier stopped Gadget, and then Man-Dragon from attacking Knoll before man-Dragon formed into Ymmir in order to stop Iron maiden and and the cops from fighting. The sight of Ymmir has Knoll run off but Iron Maiden had, had enough. Iron Maiden slung her sword into the floor of the Freedom Society and it planted there firmly in the floor of the lobby where she would never touch it again. Soldier cleaned up body parts and then Dawnguard and Gadget determined that the bomb was of the same build as the timer for the gun. Soldier called a funeral home to come get the remains but their funeral service would be unknowingly upgraded by the citizens of the city. The team then did their best with the clean up but the damage done to the pavement and sidewalk would forever leave a stain.

Rewards Granted

One Advance

Missions/Quests Completed

The unknown man is defeated. It cost the lives of several heroes.
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
17 Dec 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Chief Knoll

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