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Episode Twenty-two - Forlorn Society Report

General Summary

There was a loud metallic crash from outside of the Freedom Society HQ and it turned out to be Sarge hopping out of a truck that's bumper just fell off. As a matter of fact, Cowboy himself was sitting in the side seat and they both had news for Soldier, they're moving to Freedom City. They didn't know Soldier was where he was and just so happened to break down in front of the Atrium to stretch their legs on the way to their new apartment down the road. They thought a walk in the Atrium would be nice way to stretch their legs, though they didn't know it was closed. When Soldier came out, they all agreed to meet Soldier at their apartment later. Dawnguard wandered out of the conversation to 46th Ave. from the Atrium where he met Weird Maggie, she told him that if he worked with the man yet to be named that peace could come to Freedom City. The man told Dawnguard that if he stopped fighting, if the Society stopped, the vision given to him by God that life would become a utopia would come true. He told Dawnguard that "The Flash" won't allow the future to continue. Either he must stop the Society and the world would all live in utopia or they stop him and the future will house a Flash that ends time. Dawnguard then went to Dr. Mist to find out how to time travel and he gave Dawnguard one of Oswald's cult's time travel scrolls. Dawnguard went back to Weird Maggie for advice but got very little in the way of information. Dawnguard then traveled to Midtown Circle and he and the Unknown Man traveled to the future to a missile silo in Nebraska in 2019. The man then told Dawnguard that he lived in Charlotte, NC and Dawnguard opened a portal there to find the man's doppelganger, a pretty blond woman, and a daughter. Dawnguard then went to Central City to talk to the Flash. He associates the Flash's speed with Cardinal Ranger's. Flash said that he was a big fan of Dawnguard's in the past. After a talk, Flash and Dawnguard raced to the scene of the Unknown Man where he promptly killed himself. Dawnguard cleaned the situation up as some of the heroes back home choose areas to patrol. Cowboy told soldier that he has been having the same old nightmares about falling from the sky with no explanation. They all decided to call the paper that Charles Bennett worked at and they said that he had been working there after a long period after the war. Dawnguard then talked to Dr. Mist and he told Dawnguard to never go to the planet Apokolips. Later on that night Man-Dragon then went to an explosion at Ace Chemical and saved a woman inside and cleaned up a chemical spill with his fire breath. He learned the man who dropped the chemical was killed in the situation. Earlier, Dawnguard made his return to Freedom City and spoke with Gadget and told her that his age, given the timelines is 11,520 years old. He and Gadget then went on their first date and would later go steady but be largely wrapped up in their studies. In Dawnguard's dimensional pocket, Gadget read about DNA from the 1970's and got a key to the place.   8 A.M. on December 13, 1928 Dawnguard, Soldier, Gadget, Man-Dragon, Ms. Citizen, Iron Maiden, The Yankee, and Joffery Norcastle sat down for a meeting at the Atrium. They note that the man that formally wore the Titan suit wasn't around for the meeting. The also note that Vincent Morris hadn't been seen in sometime and that Grome, whom they thought was dead, hadn't appeared from the Pre-Crisis Universe. They also note that Copycat retired from the Freedom Society and took the mantle of Spider-man and would be patrolling Parkside. Gadget learned that she was adopted by a man named Dr. Reginald Carter. Then the Society decide to establish a treasury committee of Ms. Citizen and Dawnguard. They also decided to hire Sarge and Cowboy as Atrium security. Ms. Citizen promised to later call the owner of Indian Motorcycle and would later buy Soldier an Indian Chief. After the meeting concluded Cole approached the supervisor at Hazelton Labs and ended up getting a job as a General Histories Researches for the General Research Team. When Gadget got to the asylum grounds, she heard that Carter was missing. When she got to her cottage, she found a journal about herself and read it. She looked around Carter's cottage and only found normal items and a log book dated into the future. She learned that he was last seen on the grounds that very day. She is asked by the new owner to remain on grounds in order to help protect the place as Gadget. Soldier met with Sarge and Cowboy and they agreed to work twelves and then couldn't get a hold of Bennett. Soldier picked up a 1929 Black Indian Chief Motorcycle from the local shop and took it for a ride. Cole learned that he was hired on to a research team with the intent of finding ancient cultures' take on weather and weather manipulation. As Soldier patrolled he fought for hearts and minds and introduced himself to the locals in his area. Dawnguard took time to setup a magic shop in the North End and established his patrol routine. The Society patrolled ever-onward, Soldier met many on the police officer in his area and the Society got more familiar with their terrain. Gadget continued to look for Carter and spent more time with Dawnguard while researching her doppelganger. Soldier got a tree for the Atrium and set it up for Christmas and the Freedom Society had a small Christmas Eve dinner. The Society patrolled for the New Years' Eve as both Christmas and New Years' Eve's routine would become tradition. In the new year, the Society would work to track down some organized crime and gather a few names of importance. The Freedom Society spent the year fighting average everyday crime and solving common problems around the city. Most Freedom City natives grew a love for the Society aside from a stern few, including the police chief. In 1930 Soldier and Ms. Citizen would start dating and by the end of the year she asked him to move in. Gadget spent the year helping the asylum build new technology to help the patients. Late in 1930 Cole got a condo in Hanover and studied the Outer Planes in order to widen his knowledge of Ymmir. Malcolm Mordecai would spent time from 31' onward meeting celebrities he'd heard of from around the globe while he deepened his understanding of time travel. In December 1931 Soldier and Ms. Citizen would get engaged. In the spring of 1932 Soldier and Ms. Citizen would be married. Gadget would begin politely nudging Dawnguard toward a more committed relationship. Grome would then arrive in Africa in 1932. Grome had seen the world go white in the invasion and then blackness. Doctor Scott reached out from the blackness and pulled Grome into the universe. Grome was sent hurting through space and landed in a jungle in Africa like a comet. Grome found that there was a city in that jungle that was hiding technology. A White Lion came out of the woods and brought Grome into the city of Dakana. Grome would serve Dakana happily as Harold Masters would be relegated to the back of his mind. Grome would find purpose and fight to not relinquish control back to Masters. He would spend his time assisting the environment of Dakana: making water, stopping fires, and growing healthy crops. Thanks to his assistance, the people of Dakana would take a moment to relearn the secrets of their own technology. Grome became the sidekick of the White Lion for a time but the world called upon him in later years. By mid-1933 the headquarters of the Freedom Society was complete and they branded it simply, "The Atrium." The headquarters was plastered on the news papers and Sarge and Cowboy recruited an entire security force to protect the place. The two became co-head of security for The Atrium. By late 1933 a gap opened up for a force to protect the world from kaiju monsters after the death of King Kong and that was when Grome was sent, by the people of Dakana, to on Skull Island, off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia 12°S 78°E. Grome protected the world from that threat until a new Kong came of age.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Several years of existence.
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
15 Dec 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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