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Episode Fifteen - Battle of the Mad Titan Report

General Summary

Grome stayed back to check things out at the headquarters whilst the party went to the site of the fire and then talked to a dragon. The party learned that the dragon, named Kole, killed the heroes of Freedom City that the party was stepping into the place of, the heroes of the Earth 47 timeline, though the party doesn't know the name of the timeline. After the party talked, Titan switched on his metal detector and it shorted out and fried. As Dawnguard then just tried to open a portal, The Titan stepped through a green portal, beaten and battered. He told the party that he had been poisoned by a man named Vandal Savage and that has been hiding Perpetua. Dawnguard recognized the name Vandal Savage as The Mad Titan told Dawnguard to find Ra's al Ghul, as he knew Vandal Savage. The Titan then told the party that the serum would cause him to go berserk, that they must stop him. His last note to the party was that he was only able to hide himself from himself so far and that the party must break the timeline and contact the version of him that was moving linearly through time so that the party can bring him into battle. He flexed, screamed, and his eyes became red. The party setup for a fight and as they fought they did their best but it took Dawnguard opening a portal below The Titan's feet to the Pre-Crisis Universe to stop him. Soldier promised to train the four police at the scene, real country types, as they surrounded him as fans. The party then headed back to the Atrium to regroup and Ms. Citizen threw an explosive baton at the Dragon and he grabbed his snout with an, "ow damnit." After some talk, Dawnguard remembered that his mentor talked to a man named Merlin about a man named Arthur who was having problems with dragons. With that, the party entered Dawnguard's pocket dimension.

Rewards Granted

5 Power Points

Missions/Quests Completed


Character(s) interacted with

With the Titan who became the Mad Titan
Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
01 Oct 2019
Primary Location

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