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Episode Fifty-one - Dragons Above

General Summary

As the sun broke over top of Waterdeep, a fog that had crested the building tops began to recede as Calaeriel's sword slowly cut though the chilly morning air. There in the back alley behind the Unicorn's Horn, she moved in a fashion shown to her in an ancient tradition; she was slow, she was methodical, and she was more rhythmic then forceful. As her two hour session concluded, Varis could be heard through the windows above, behind a dimming candle, stowing away his early morning trinkets. His slow delicate work concluded, he prepared himself for breakfast. In another moment, both squire and soldier arrived in the dining hall of the Unicorn's Horn. Arion, Calaeriel, and Varis all end up seated together at a long table and were first served a warm, fair, white loaf before fruits as sweet as wild berries were scooped onto their plates. As they welcome each quintessential bite, that was richer then the fruits of any normal, tended garden, to their stomach; they saw the warmth about the room as the staff dined all around them. As they drained cups filled with a fragrant draft, that were as cool as a clear fountain and as golden as a summer afternoon, their ears were soothed by the low hum of quiet conversation. As they filled their bellies, a tune began to play in the distance of the inn.   Young, innocent Tokin asked both Varis and the Arion about their families before the Champions of Destiny concerned themselves with the business at hand. The two Champions ensured that each and every member of The Cartophile's hirelings knew the risks of the task to come. After they felt confident that the hirelings knew the danger, they set out into Waterdeep.   As they all walked out onto the streets of Waterdeep once more from the Unicorn's Horn they heard the newsprint seller singing out the latest news. "Come read the full story of the Ace Warehouse explosion. Here ye, here ye! The Open Lord leaves Waterdeep for Neverwinter, read it here. Come ye, heed me! Acquisitions Incorporated cleans the streets of Waterdeep, exclusive within."   Arion took the moment to gather the local news and purchase a paper for reading material on the ride. With the purchase of some potions from Small Favors, Varis's regular haunt, they traveled onward toward the docks.   The morning further onward presented a cold snap as they winded their way down Snail Street destined for Odd. Above them and to their right they had passed the flagged towers of Castle Waterdeep and four minutes further down and down a small street looming above, stood The Honorable Knight. Past the statues' avenue, they found themselves in the city's Dock Ward. The ward truly presented itself as the home of the city's poor. Abound were the least literate people, who's taverns filled with habitual drinkers, and who's inns charged by the hour. As they traveled deeper, they saw hardworking faces, busted street lamps, warehouses, poorhouses, tenements, and refuse on the streets. Through the mixture of burgundy and orange they arrived past a group of sailors at the docks of the Dock Ward.   The docks had remained busy throughout the winter, there were hearty birds still pestering the place and more vagabonds then one can shake a stick at. It wasn't not hard to spot the Acquisitions Incorporated vessel over the crowd however, the large red balloon above their ship denoted their logo and it was one of the only airships in the harbor. As they passed through the crowd, people brushed past their contingent of adventurers and one particularly nasty fellow coughed loudly on Varis before they all reach the vessel.   Once on the ship they were greeted by Omin Dran. He informed them that their quarters were on the lower deck, that he was there as well, and that the crew were on the cargo deck. He told them that they would set sail immediately and would be meeting an adventuring party in the area of Kryptgarden Forest. When they set sail Omin took the helm.   Once the ship, Duskbringer, passed the walled islands of the harbor, it unexpectedly turned south. Not worried, they rode onward for some time before Arion and Calaeriel began to wonder what Omin and his First mate wer looking at to the south. They questioned Omin he told them that he thought that they were being followed by a ship that was stalled just north of their departure. Omin mentioned that when the first mate first looked upon the ship he saw a half-dragon on its deck which was crewed by gnomes. Omin thought that the ship is a Spelljammer and saw that it was outfitted with gnome cannons. He suggested that their only option was to out run the vessel in the water and that they should head up a river to escape it. After a long discussion on the situation, Arion suggested that they ambush the ship somehow. Omin believed that so long as they remained far enough away from the cannons and in the water, they could make an escape from the far more capable Spelljammer. Then, inside the marsh ahead, they could ambush the Spelljammer as suggested. With the plan in place, a dragon spotted in the sky, and another plan proposing that Arion turn into a black dragon; they rode on and eventually into the Lizard Marsh of Daggerford, the name of which Omin neglected to mention.   Through the marsh, brutal full ship ambush from lizardfolk was conducted when the ship was left dead in the water from a shambling mound. While the battle ensued, the Duskbringer was bombarded with cannon fire and left with a massive whole in its right side. In a desperate move, while the shambling mound yet lived on the deck, Omin turned the ship and lifted it over the gnome ship per Arion's orders when it arrived. Carrying on with their daring plan the boarding party, Arion, Calaeriel, Môrgæn, Varis, and Viari, hopped over the edge of the ship only to land in mid-air.   As the visage of three dragons faded in the distant, they all realized that they were standing on the back on Old Gnawbones herself.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Encounter Wrath of Gnawbones Started


Notable Party Damage: (New Noted Section)

  • Arion has several faint scuffs on his shield from the tail of a horned devil. The same horned devil also left a stab wound in Arion's stomach and leg, which he bandaged for healing.
    Noted Effects: Minor Scar (Head). The scar doesn't have any adverse effect. Magical healing of 6th level or higher, such as heal and regenerate, removes the scar.
  • Calaeriel is pristine.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Varis is pristine.
    Noted Effects: None
Report Date
20 Sep 2020
Primary Location

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