Female Companionship

or, The Arts of Romance, and the Benefits of Love

Once per month, characters must have some sort of female companionship. In addition to suffering a certain amount of discomfort, characters will lose Status Points if they do not do so. Characters lose 2 Status Points the first month in which they lack feminine company and an additional 2 points each consecutive month thereafter.

Characters may fulfil the female companionship requirements by acquiring a mistress or by going to a bawdyhouse.


At the beginning of the game someone should roll dice to determine the various mistresses' Social Levels and special attributes, if any. There should be as many mistresses rolled for as there are players. Each mistress has a set Social Level, and the possibility of three special attributes: exceptional Beauty, Influence and Wealth. Roll three dice to find each mistress's Social Level, then roll one die for each attribute for each mistress. On a roll of one or two, that mistress has that attribute. At this point, if desired, mistresses may be given names.

In order to win a mistress, a character must go courting and this costs money: three times the mistress's Social Level per week. Success depends on the difference in Social Level between the character and prospective mistress. Subtract the mistress's Social Level from the character's Social Level and refer to the Mistress Courting Table to find the die roll, or higher, on one die, needed for success.

Mistress Courting Table
Difference in Social Level
Die roll needed or higher
-5, -4
-3, -2, -1
0, +1, +2
+3 or more

The die roll may be modified. For each additional amount equal to three times the fair damsel's Social Level the character pays, he may add one to his die roll. Courting is never certain, though – on a roll of 1, regardless of modifiers, the mistress rejects the character. Characters courting a wealthy mistress may not modify the die roll in this manner.

Courting takes one week of time, therefore counting as an action. A character who unsuccessfully courts a prospective mistress may try again in a later week, but must pay the courting cost again too.

If two characters discover each other at the doorstep of the same young lady in the same week, there may be difficulties. Either character may withdraw in favour of the other. If a character withdraws in favour of a character of a lower Social Level than himself, he loses Status Points equal to the difference in Social Levels between them. If neither character withdraws, a duel is required to settle the issue. Both players have spent the money before courting, regardless of what happens.

A player may court the mistress of another player, but he has an automatic die roll modifier of -1.

Courting another player's mistress is obviously cause for a duel if discovered. A character is caught if he attempts to court another player's mistress while the other player is with her, or if he courts, fails to win her and commits an indiscretion (described below) in the process.

Characters are permitted to have only one mistress at a time. A player who has a mistress may court another, however. If successful, he must give up the first mistress. If unsuccessful, he must roll one die.

On a roll of 1 through 5, he has been sufficiently discreet and his mistress does not find out. On a roll of 6, he has committed an indiscretion and his present mistress throws him out on his ear.

Once a character wins a mistress (i.e. successfully courts her) he must pay crowns equal to three times her Social Level once per month for her support.

If a player has a wealthy mistress, he need not pay her support; indeed, she will pay him crowns equal to twice the difference in their Social Levels (little gifts and what not) if hers is higher.

A character receives one Status Point per month for having a mistress, regardless of her attributes or Social Level. If his mistress is of a higher Social Level than he is, a character receives additional Status Points equal to the difference in Social Level between himself and his mistress. Beautiful mistresses give an additional Status Point to their lovers.

All mistresses have a certain amount of influence, depending upon their Social Level, and influential mistresses have additional influence. Influence Table C lists mistresses' favours (see Influence for their uses).

A character need only visit his mistress once per month to satisfy his need for female companionship. Visiting a mistress counts as an activity unless the visit is combined with a visit to a club. Mistresses accompanying their lovers to a club count in lieu of the monthly visit. Naturally, the character is expected to purchase her liquid refreshment.


Bawdyhouses are open to all who wish to avail themselves of the services of such establishments. Gambling, female companionship and liquid refreshment are available.

Gambling is as outlined in the gambling rule, but without house limit or house divisor. One Status Point is gained per win, and one lost per loss or cut, but no points are gained for the total amount bet. Before beginning an evening at a bawdyhouse, all characters must state the number of crowns they are bringing with them. Credit is not allowed.

Female companionship costs crowns equal to the character's Social Level. Liquid refreshment is mandatory, costing crowns equal to the numerical value of the character's Social Level.

At the end of his visit, any character in the red light district must roll one die to determine if he is set upon by footpads and relieved of his money. This occurs on a roll of 6 on one die.

Death Before Dishonor expands the rules for Mistresses to include engagement, marriage and children, for which this page may be referenced.


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