In Which Heroes are Forged (or at Least Removed from Paris Awhile)

Players may go on campaign during any or all non-regular campaign seasons (Fall/Autumn, Winter or Spring) by volunteering. Players who command a Squadron or Battalion may volunteer their unit to go along with them. Players who command Regiments may volunteer their Regiment or any Squadron/Battalion thereof. Players who command Brigades may volunteer their entire Brigade or any one Regiment thereof. Players who volunteer only a portion of their commands need not accompany it on campaign. A non-player Commander of a Regiment or a Battalion/Squadron will volunteer his unit on a die roll of 6 on one die. This roll may be modified by influence.

Players who do not hold a command as listed above may take a temporary leave of absence (and, some would say, of their senses), volunteer for duty with a Frontier Regiment and thus go on campaign. The character maintains the same rank on the Frontier as he had with his own Regiment, or the rank of Private if he does not belong to a Regiment when he volunteers for Frontier service. Frontier Regiments receive the same pay as the Gascon Regiment. A character who volunteers for duty with a Frontier Regiment retains his position in his own Regiment, if any, and returns to it at the end of the campaign.

When conducting a campaign for a non-regular season, roll one die and consult the Force Deployment Chart. The mission shown for a Frontier Regiment is that assigned to all units on campaign. No Army, Division or Brigade organisation is needed (unless a Brigadier volunteers his Brigade), all Battalions and Squadrons functioning as part of a Frontier Regiment and all Regiments functioning independently.

All volunteers must be on campaign for at least one month, and may not return from campaign until the end of a campaign season, regardless of time served. In other words, the first week in May is the latest a player could volunteer for the Spring campaign.


The Royal North Highland Border Regiment

The Royal North Highland Border Regiment (RNHB) is a unique unit – an élite Frontier Regiment. At the beginning of the game roll for the military ability of the Commander of the unit in the normal manner, adding three to the die roll.

Characters who go to the Frontier to campaign may wish to campaign with the Royal North Highland Borderers rather than a normal Frontier Regiment. To be accepted into the RNHB characters must meet certain requirements.

Privates may campaign with the RNHB only if they have an Endurance of 110 or more and an Expertise of 9.

Officers may campaign with the RNHB only if they meet the requirements for Privates and, in addition, have received one merit promotion (non- purchased) or have been mentioned in despatches. Officers with a military ability of 1 are not accepted into the RNHB.

Since the RNHB is an élite unit, constantly in the field, there are always openings available for qualified officers and men. Officers of the rank of Major and above may always command Battalions (even Colonels and general officers).

When on campaign the Division containing the Royal North Highland Border Regiment rolls for its battle result as if the Commander had a military ability one higher than he really does.


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