On the Most Ungentlemanly Art of Avoiding Creditors

Characters may borrow money from other players, or from local moneylenders or Shylocks. Characters do not charge interest on loans to other characters; this is ungentlemanly. At any time after three months from the date of the loan, however, the lender may demand payment from the borrower. If the borrower is unable to pay, he is disgraced: he must join a Frontier Regiment and remain with it until he is able to pay.

When a character borrows money from a Shylock, he must pay back the money plus 10% interest at the end of six months' time. If unable to pay, the character is disgraced and must join a Frontier Regiment until he can pay his debts. When borrowing from a Shylock, the maximum amount that any character can borrow is 100 times his Social Level. If a character borrows up to his capacity and is promoted a level, he may, if he desires, borrow more up to his new limit.


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