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The Gallery of Rogues, Reprobates and Ne'er-Do-Wells

Last Update: 19 December, 2021

Character ID SL Rank Club Player
Lorenzo di Benedictis LdB 15 Major 2nd Battalion CG Hunter's (Germain D)
Jean Pierre d'Atonville JPdA 14 Brigadier General 2nd Class, RM Fleur de Lys (Thijs K)
Gilroy Solieri GiS 14 Brigadier 2nd Class, GDMD Hunter's (Scott B)
Joachim d'Arcy JdA 14 Colonel, 13th Bothwell's (John B)
Monfort de Guise MdG 14 Colonel, QOC Bothwell's (Robert N)
Jean la Batt-Bleu JBB 14 Lieutenant General 2nd Class Bothwell's (Brent M)
Pieter Klaaszoon van Amsterdam PKVA 13 Major 3rd Squadron, QOC Hunter's (Bas D)
Alfredo d'Arc AdA 12 Major 2nd Battalion, KM Hunter's (Doug M)
Augustin Honore de Gascogne AHdG 12 Colonel, CPC Hunter's (Ron H)
Panache Dugas PaD 11 Lieutenant Colonel, DG Hunter's (Duncan T)
Cherise LeFler CLF 11 Captain A Company, KM Hunter's (Brenda C)
Bertrand Castillon BC 8 Subaltern, Company B, KM Tycho13
Henri de Nantes HdN 5 Major, 3rd Squadron, PLLD Frog & Peach OldManBurton
Hugh d’Orbec HdO 4 Captain, F Troop, GDMD Red Phillips Scott B
Jean Neige JN 3 Captain, Company F, PM Red Phillips mgmiller
Note: Currently inactive players are denoted in parentheses. They will act as NPCs until such time as they formally retire.


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