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I started gaming in 1972, when my favorite uncle presented me with a copy of the Avalon Hill game, Richthofen's War. While certainly more of a wargame than a role-playing game, the rules for creating your own pilots and squadrons led me to it. Having a favorite pilot (Hugh Barstead), writing a backstory was inevitable, and when role-playing games did come around, I took to it as a hobbit to his breakfast.   Since that time I have played or run dozens of games, both popular and obscure, from The Morrow Project to Traveller (original edition), Dungeons & Dragons to Chivalry & Sorcery, and Fate Core to The Lords of Creation.   As you can see from the worlds I posted here, my current games are Pathfinder, 1st Edition, Fate Core and Starfinder. I like them all for different reasons (and no, I am not playing all three simultaneously).   Ceros is my Pathfinder world and the current game. It uses a modified version of Pathfinder, and I like it for the crunch, the flexibility for character development and the enormous menu of options from which to choose.   The Steamlands is a steampunk take on Fate Core. The system is simple, flexible and story-driven -- a good choice for what I think of as a nineteenth century political potboiler with superscience overtones. Oh, and some magic. And a game with social mechanics is perfect for that setting.   It is currently under construction, and will be my next campaign.   Finally, Cytheria is my science fiction world of mystery. Having discovered a lost colony, the player characters face puzzles, aliens, a grand mystery and other challenger. Oh, and some magic. So a crunchy, science fantasy game familiar to the players is a good fit.   It, too, is for some time in the future. Which you could probably tell by the absence of content.

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