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The Pantheon

Loosely based on the Faerûnian Pantheon in the Forgotten Realm by Wizards of the Coast, but with my own twist. For the most part, the names and domains were borrowed, but all the rest is homebrewed.


There is balance in all things and the gods are no different. In most cases there are deities that directly appose one another (e.g. Morpheus the God of Dreams apposes Phobetor the God of Nightmares, and so on). The Pantheon of Chardovian Deities are as follows (arranged by alignment and divine rank):

Greater Deities


Lawful Good

  • Brigid, Goddess of Healing and Charity
  • Moradin, Dwarven God of the Forge
  • Torag, Dwarven God of Strategy

Chaotic Good

  • Avandra, Goddess of Trade and Change
  • Desna, Goddess of Stars and Navigation

Neutral Good

  • Calliope, Goddess of Inspiration and Drama
  • Hestia, Goddess of Family and Hospitality


  • Calypsa, Goddess of the Sea
  • Gond, God of Craft
  • Lady of Pain, Ruler of Sigil
  • Mystra, Goddess of the Arcane

Lawful Neutral

  • Oya, Goddess of Winds
  • Primus, Machine God of Logic

Neutral Evil

  • Empodius, God of Hindrance
  • Mask, God of Thieves and Diplomacy
  • Odium, God of Everlasting Hate
  • Vecna, the Lich God of Ambition

Chaotic Neutral

  • Anansi, God of Spiders and Mischief
  • Calistra, Elvish Goddess of Trickery
  • Kord, Barbaric God of Power
  • Siegfried, God of Single Combat
  • Yarna, Druidic Goddess of Potential

Chaotic Evil

  • Gruumsh, Orcish God of Wanton Destruction
  • Malar, God of Mutation and Lycanthrope
  • Lolth, Goddess of Murder and Deceit

Lawful Evil

  • Aradin, God of War
  • Asmodeus, God of Tyranny, King of the Nine Hells
  • Nosferatu, God of Lust and Necromancy
  • Tiamat, Dragon Goddess of War and Despair

Lesser Deities

Lesser Deities are gods in their own right, but they lack the power of their Greater cousins. Lesser Deities are those without a Prime Portfolio (e.g. matters of life and death) but have great power nonetheless. They are much stronger than demigods who are seen to be muddied by mortal blood, and they each have a divine spark which grants them immortality and command of their lesser portfolio. Lesser Deities are known to take personal interest in the affairs of mortals on the Prime Material Plane - a place they are also known to frequent. The Lesser Deities are:
  • Achra, Lord of Fear
  • Alhalim, the Sand Dreamer
  • Amaunator, Vestige of the Sun
  • Auril, the Frostmaiden
  • Bachin, the Lord of Wine
  • Cicero, the Judge of Kings
  • Ishtar, the Slain
  • Ladies of Virtue
  • Moirai Sisters
  • Morrigan, Lady of War
  • Nyx, the Nightmaiden
  • Telmar, the Gnomish God of Invention
  • The Old Ones
  • Zariel, the Fallen


This is a loose pantheon of gods, meaning that each deity has his or her own domain or role. Each deity has his or her own followers, cultists, sects, or churches.
Founding Date
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Pantheon of Chardovia
Notable Members

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