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9 Minos 814 AI (After Invasion)

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This is a world divided by ambitious fledgling empires, secretive wizards, old-guard baronies, and ancient dangers. This world is medieval in terms of setting, but empires are driven by high-magic and early steam technology.   The wizards of the Arcanum Sanitorium collect the secrets and magics of the world and jealously horde them in their massive arcane spire at the end of the Dragon Spine Mountains. They often venture out when they get word of something new or ancient that has any connection to the arcane.   The emerging empire of Calogore have made their expansionist intentions clear. With the aid of the Gnomish inventors of Tinkus, their airships will soon dominate the skies of all Chardovia.   Meanwhile, the Guild of Heroes tries to tame the monstrous wilds that have - in recent years - began encroaching on the bastions of civilization.