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Lady of Nightmares Phobetora Hacate

Divine Domains

Darkness, Death, Injustice

Holy Books & Codes

The Necronomicon

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Endless Maze - an elaborate spiral. Moths. Dogs or beasts with multiple heads.

Tenets of Faith

  • Sow destruction
  • Instill terror
  • Shatter trust


Grimhollow (also known as The Night of Misrule) - 30 Frostus

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Control of all creation through cunning terror.

Physical Description

Physical quirks

Phobetora takes on many forms - usually matching the race or ethnicity of the person witnessing her.

Apparel & Accessories

She is usually dressed in black.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born alongside her brother, Morpheus, Phobetora ruled the Astral and Ethereal Planes. While her brother sought to create and protect, she only wished to destroy and distort. She and her brother have been at war since time immemorial. Some argue that this battle between the Endless siblings is what created the Balance of the multiverse in the first place.

Where her brother is the paragon of temperance and patience, Phobetora is the opposite. Great ambition guides her every action. She hopes to rule all of creation after unleashing the greatest amount of destruction possible.


Once mortals entered the scene, the conflict between the Endless changed. No longer were they fighting for the monotonous dreams of elementals and deities, they were presented with something far more powerful. The power of belief can empower or enfeeble a supernatural entity. This is why the Endless call mortals and the focus of their beliefs "The Game".

While her brother kept mostly to his own realm of dreams, Phobetora schemed and influenced nearly every entity in the multiverse. She distrusts the chaos of demons, and detests the righteousness of celestials or other upper deities. The cunning evil of devils, however, proved far more useful. It is believed that this Endless laid with the Lords of the Nine Hells and brought forth monsters. Using the resultant offspring, Phobetora built her own kingdom in the Wasteland of Hades. This realm was a horrific distortion of other, positive planes. Here in a place stocked with succubi and nightmares, Phobetora presides over the One-Eyed Court of Injustice and Misrule, where she mocks those that have succumbed to her nightmares. She is constantly hatching plans to unleash destruction and terror on the multiverse.

The One-Eyed Court of Injustice and Misrule mocks the celestial Court of Janus

Accomplishments & Achievements


Phobetora is credited with the creation of many aberrations, abominations, and nightmares. Some theologians go as far as blaming the Goddess of Nightmares with the creation of Beholders (owing to their nightmare-like abilities and dream-based reproduction), but there is consensus that not even she would want to take responsibility for such a creature.

Through Asmodeus (and various dalliances with other devils and nefarious entities), Phobetora created a plethora of evil monsters. Chief among them are succubi and incubi, malicious psychopomps (to harry her brother), dread spirits, and imps. She has also been known to take pleasure in twisting existing creatures (i.e. the creations of other divinities) into abominable, nightmarish monsters.

Phobetora has tried to influence the events on the Prime Material Plane on many occasions. It is said that she was the one who gave the Great Old Ones a path into this universe. It is also believed that she inspired Vecna to pursue his dark path. Followers of Lolth also believe that their Spider Queen received her arachnophilic blessings from the Goddess of Nightmares.


Failures & Embarrassments

Phobetora was dethroned as the Queen of the Dead by the Raven Queen. She proved fairer and more balanced than the Queen of the Night. Phobetora holds a grudge against the Raven Queen to this day. In fact, she is known to twist and corrupt her messengers - ravens - and use them for ill.


Contacts & Relations

The Raven Queen is Phobetora's mortal enemy. She is also feuding with Selûne.

Family Ties

  • Aradin, lover
  • Empodius, son

Hobbies & Pets

Phobetora is said to have several animals as her familiars or pets. The most famous include:
  • Orthrus, the Hound of the Ethereal Realm
  • Areshnaresh, the Beast of the Bog
  • Hecuba, a Queen turned Canine
  • Lotan, the Serpent who is Jealous of the Sleeper
Divine Classification
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Goddess of Nightmares, Hopelessness, Injustice, Dark Desire, Temptation, Fear, and Grudges
Circumstances of Birth
Created by the dreams of the First Gods
The Ethereal Realm
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, or pale blue
Character Prototype
Phobetora is partly inspired by the Greek Goddess Hacate.
The Symbol of Phobetora

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Character Portrait image: Lady of Mirkwood by Federica Costantini


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