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Archlich Vecna

Divine Domains

Death, Knowledge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A hand and an eye.

Tenets of Faith

The pursuit of forbidden and dangerous knowledge - no matter the cost. Knowledge is power, after all.

Physical Description

Body Features

No skin or muscle.

Identifying Characteristics

Missing a left hand and a left eye.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Despite achieving a form of immortality by becoming a lich, Vecna's ambition knew no end. Undeath is one thing, but godhood is quite another. Vecna proclaimed war on all divine and made to install himself as the one and only deity. Fortunately, a party of heroes slayed him before he could achieve this. Yet... Echoes of Vecna still exist. It is said that those who covet the forbidden secrets of the universe can hear the voice of the Whispered One. Perhaps their ambition will lead his undying spirit to them.

Divine Classification
Neutral Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Whispered One, The Undying, Lord of the Rotted Tower, God of Undead and Ambition
62 AI 113 AI 51 years old
Circumstances of Death
Attained Lichdom
Biological Sex
Missing his left eye

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Cover image: Archlich Vecna by Andrea Piparo
Character Portrait image: Vecna by Raluca Marinescu


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