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Siege of Spaldei

A opening battle of Humanity's largest conflict, that would stretch on for decades

I intend to not get bogged down in a siege, as the good Admiral Jenis has with Spaldei. You will eventually see commander that there is always be a cost to war, better it be them than us. I would destroy every planet of the Federation to save even one Jeraci life, and so should you. Clearly, it is a lesson Jenis will have to learn for himself.
Aedlin Travail, Imperial Admiral, 4000AC
The Siege of Spaldei, also known as the 1st Battle for Spaldei, or the Fall of Spaldei, was one of the longest battles of the 2nd Galactical War. Fought between the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace and the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets over the urban world of Spaldei, the Siege of Spaldei was one of the opening battles of the War, as a part of Jerace's lightning strike in their Invasion of the Federation.   Beginning just days following the beginning of the 2nd Galactical War, Spaldei quickly fell under attack, mostly by virtue of its status as one of the powerful planets of the Federation's frontier. Garrisoned by several System Fleets, and a sizable Federal Army Group, not to mention a significant Planetary Force, Spaldei was considered a stronghold of military power by the Federation. Despite this defensive detterant, Imperial Admiral Neil Jenis, and his 1st Imperial War Group, supported by the 4th and 5th War Groups, made a daring charge towards the planet. The resulting naval battle was a disaster for Federation forces, and their full retreat from the system signalled the beginning of the Siege.   Under the leadership of Army Major General Edward Verno, the 7th Federal Army Group, and the Spaldei Planetary Forces valiantly fought back the Jeraci invaders, inflicting vast casualties to Imperial forces, as combat shifted nearly completely to urban warfare. The vastly populated planet was rapidly devastated, from a mixture of ground combat, and continuous naval airstrikes. For over two decades, Verno continued to lead resistance efforts, narrowly avoiding death numerous times, until eventually, his luck ran out, all but signalling the end of the Siege.


GANI confirms twenty-three war fleets sir, potentially more behind them. There's nothing within tens of thousands of light-years that has the capacity to stop them.
— Military Advisor to President Whistle
Beginning in the latter months of 3998 AC, the 2nd Galactical War pitted the Pact of Anfieden, a defensive pact led by the Federation and the Kingdom of Apreas, against the 3rd Imperial Republic of Jerace, alongside its ally in the Kingdom of Apalachi. Fighting quickly devolved into two key theatres, the Invasion of Apreas, and the Invasion of the Federation, with both sides committing unimaginably vast amounts of troops and materials to each front.   Despite the Pact's attempted resistance, Jerace was the Galactic Hegemon and had near infinite resources to spare, rapidly overrunning whatever elements the Federation Interstellar Navy could organise to defend the Federation's frontier. Soon, the vanguard of Jerace's advance, led by Admiral Jenis, had reached Spaldei, often called the 'Capital of the Frontier' due to its power over other planets in the region.
War returns to shred the Galaxy in fire, a fire from which many will never return, victims every one of them.
— Unknown Peace Activist, 3998AC
Spaldei was more than just an important planet with some political power, Spaldei was a gateway into the inner heartlands of the nation, built around the grand Transgalactic Highway. A defeat for Jerace would all but halt any advance, rapidly weakening their position, a defeat for the Federation would see their planets burn, unprotected against the sheer scale of the Imperial Navy of Jerace. A victory at Spaldei may very change the outcome of the entire War, and both sides knew it.


Let us stand fast in the way of terror, let us stand beneath a thousand warships and never falter, let us fight for our planet, our Federation, against all who would destory our way of life.
— Major General Edward Verno, 3998AC
Two System Fleets stood in the way of the vast number number of Jeraci vessels that arrived to begin the Battle for Spaldei. Under the command of Admiral Radaine, the joint 5th and 12th fleets stood completely outmatched and outnumbered by their opponents. The battle above Spaldei did not last long, with Redaine among the dead, the remaining naval forces retreated from the area completely, leaving Spaldei open to a full scale invasion.
The ground invasion of Spaldei was an enormous combined arms operation by the Imperial Navy and Army. While Federation ground forces, all of whom fell under the command of Major General Edward Verno, had seen fit to fortify their positions, especially around urban locations, there was little they could do against relentless air strikes.   Within weeks the Spaldeian capital of Lenglay had fallen completely, and Ajax Felo, the Planet's Governor, had been captured. Casualties were extreamly high, and the possibility of a full blown surrender was made several times. Understanding the weakness of their position, Verno moved to abandon the conventional stratergies they had been employing, and move to a full guerilla warfare campaign.
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Ergan II
Major Commanders
Edward Verno
Ajax Felo (POW)
Louis Redaine
Neil Jenis
Gemma Aklins
Killian Lucken
Naval Strength
5th System Fleet
- 41 Vessels
12th System Fleet
- 22 Vessels
Naval Strength
1st Imperial War Group
- 57 Vessels
4th Imperial War Group
- 51 Vessels
5th Imperial War Group
- 48 Vessels
Ground Strength
7th Federal Army Group
44th Federal Army
56th Federal Army
58th Federal Army
72nd Federal Army
Spaldei Planetary Army
Ground Strength
1st Imperial Army Group
3rd Imperial Army Group
4th Imperial Army Group
9th Imperial Army Group
Air Strength
183rd Aerial Battalion
227th Aerial Battalion
Air Strength
1st Imperial War Battalion
3rd Imperial War Battalion
4th Imperial War Battalion
5th Imperial War Battalion
Military Casualties
Navy Casualties
Ground Casualties
Air Force Casualties
Navy Casualties
Ground Casualties
Air Force Casualties
Civilian Casualties
Costly Jeraci Victory
The Federation Naval forces assigned to Spaldei are nearly completely destroyed, with the remants of the System Fleets retreating to neighbouring Sectors.   Jerace is unable to use Spaldei as a jumping point for the remainder of their forces, drastically slowing the Invasion of the Federation, and allowing the Pact of Anfieden crucial time to respond.   Both sides suffer significant casualties.
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Verno's Resistance

The fighting has continued on Spaldei sir, though it appears Major General Verno has elected to abandon Lenglay, and in turn Governor Felo.
So long as Spaldei remains disputed we have the advantage. Let Verno do as he wishes, and give him all the aid we can spare.
We'll do what we can sir, but I doubt the Navy will be willing to go back anytime soon.
— Military Advisor & President George Whistle, 3999AC
What had once seemed an easy victory for the Imperial Republic quickly turned into a bloody mess, as conventional warfare was completely abandoned. Utilising every tactic in the book to prevent or otherwise slow Jerace's occupation, Federation military forces, in conjunction with huge numbers of native volunteers and the Spaldei Planetary Army, struck across the planet, from the smallest towns to the largest cities. As fighting grew harsher throughout the entire theatre, more and more Jeraci troops were forced to abandon their efforts against the Federation on Spaldei, only further increasing the level of attacks, coordinated through Edward Verno, whom President of the Federation George Whistle proclaimed military governor of the entire planet.   It was not all positive for the Federation however, huge casualty numbers, both to the fighters, and the billions of civilians across Spaldei forced even the most adamant warriors to waver before the unrelenting power Jerace was still able to force against the planet. Constant airstrikes destroyed hiding places and meeting points, and destroyed any equipment salvaged from the battlefield. Nevertheless, even as they faced these many obstacles, under the leadership of Verno, the forces that fought to free Spaldei continued their fight, even as the planet's value decreased and was no longer the prize it once was. With Jerace having long circumnavigated Spaldei, though at a significant cost of life, and more importantly, time. Eventually, furious at the long lack of progress, and facing high levels of scrutiny, Admiral Jenis would break his siege, on advice from his fellow Admiral Aedlin Travail. He would take the fight to Verno, and finally destroy the last fragments of resistance that had long alluded him.

Final Stand

NIC and GANI have confirmed it, sir, Major General Edward Verno was killed during a naval airstrike. Spaldei is lost.
They held longer than any expected them to and gave us valuable time. We will see them venerated as heroes.
Of course sir, we will let their sacrifice inspire our remaining forces across our Union.
— Military Advisor & President George Whistle, 4023AC
How exactly Admiral Jenis discovered the location of Edward Verno has long been the subject of fierce debate, but what is clear is what he decided to do with this information. A huge force was assembled, of both soldiers and naval warships, and in one quick strike, constituting as much firepower that had been unleashed during the Battle above Spaldei at the start of the siege, Verno, and much of his senior command, had been killed. Jeraci soldiers combed the area around the strike for weeks, never finding Verno's body, but never finding evidence of his escape either.
Whatever remained of Federation resistance on Spaldei soon crumbled, though reports of finding continued until the Federation Armed Forces successfully liberated the planet in 4036AC. The story of Spaldeian resistance continues to inspire Federation forces to this very day.
The bravest of the brave.


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