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The One-Shot

A Genesys game In the world of The Crucible
30th March 2018 April 2018 | Full
You've all been gathered together as a group of experts in the field of Bank-cracking, the job has come to you from a mysterious source who has chosen to remain anonymous. What has tempted you massively is the pay-out it's double what you'd expect for the job.   The bank in question is Jadetown Secure Holdings, a pretty small bank on the edge of town. Get in, get some cash and the contents of a lock-box and get out.  


  • A mini-campaign run using Genesys rules
  • Designed for beginners to the game to expose them to key concepts.
  • Run time for first session should not exceed 3 hours.
  • The Setting Rules for Genesys
The Protagonists

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