The Daxian peoples tend to be slightly more aloof than others, the planet has deep ancient roots in nature being a haven of Hern & The Dragon and because of this they all share a love of the wild and nature in general.   With the overwhelming amount of trees and lack of natural light filtering through the canopies the peoples of Daxu tend to be paler than there Crucible cousins, they also appear to be able to cope with the heat and humidity of Jungles much better.


Culture and cultural heritage

As Daxu was the centre of Druidic and nature led culture for some time Daxian people tend to prefer big wide open spaces and natural light. Unfortunately with the urbanisation of many settlements this has not been the case, parks and open spaces giving way to poured concrete and rebar. However everyone on Daxu can happily tell you where the nearest park is or where the nearest town exit is for those who want to go into the wild.

Average technological level

Red Amber is fully integrated into society powering all major cities and technologies including the intercity sky-rail links. InterFleck is also widely used by all to underpin business and leisure.

Common Etiquette rules

When visiting someones home it is always polite to bring flowers or plants, unconsciously this is further to resist the urbanisation of the planet.

Common Dress code

Daxian fashion tends to favour plant motifs and natural fibers, though there is synthetic clothing available, generally everyone owns at least one full set of natural clothing which is for special occasion.

Common Myths and Legends

There is a persistent myth that Daxu was once the site of a cataclysmic battle against the Nayoman and that deep in the jungles there are relics to be found.


Beauty Ideals

Where nature meets progress, they have a love of glass buildings and big windows so as to see the surrounding forests and nature. Fashion tends to be very nature based with plant motifs and branch motifs on clothing.

Major organizations

The Daxian Enclave.

Related Organizations