The Rabid Hounds

Called that way by their leader an Orc with the affectionate moniker Bitey-Howl, because he once had a vendetta against a hound that in his childhood had bit him on his arm while he was trespassing in a yard. He contracted rabies from the bite and still has a small injector implant on his arm that keeps him supplied with a rabies antidote. To this day, he will brutally kill every hound he thinks is rabid - and when he mentions in conversation that your behaviour is like that "of a rabid dog" he is very close to killing you in a horrific fashion. The leader himself wears a mask fashioned after a bulldog that looks very lifelike, nobody has ever dared to ask him if it is from a real hound. It is. The hound that bit him.   This perfect point illustrates to you just how horrific this gang can be, they control many of the fighting pits and more blood sport themed diversions on Daxu, they are one of two major gangs clamouring for power.   The Skizzer Squad, an orc group belonging to the Hounds, got it's name for a new type of brutality. Using old tools found and mistaking them for brutal weapons they have become known for savage killings and leaving trails of ribbon'd corpses. These orcs came across some garden shears and discovering they are modeled after "scissors" took the name of skizzers, being orcs.   Also being orcs attaching additional blades to the blades of the rusty sheers was expected. Thus the skizzer was born. A set of sheers with chunks of sharpened metal and painted bright red, mostly with blood, became the go to method of execution. Positioning their victims on their sides, they held them down and took turns jumping on the handles of the sheers until the victim was either ribbon'd appropriately or cut in half right above the hips.   When the Hounds need a message to be sent, they send in the Skizzers.


Trocshuga as overall gang leader with several lieutenants dotted around the cities of Daxu.

Public Agenda

To provide protection and diversion to those who need it.


Several thousand gang members armed predominantly with vicious weapons such as toothed axes and serrated swords, designed to cause maximum injury.

Behind the GM's curtain...

Rabid Hound Gang Member

The lowest of the low, not quite bloodied yet but vicious with a serrated cleaver.

3 2 1 2 2 2
3 6 0 0
  • Skills: Melee 2, Ranged (light) 1, Brawl 2, Vigilance 1
  • Talents: None
  • Abilities:
    Bloody Rage Add bb to next attack, then b to the attack after that.
  • Equipment: None

CleaverMelee+43EngVicious 2
PistolRng Light53ShortPierce 2
Rabid Hounds Lieutenant

Usually wearing a necklace of ears, these are capable murderers.

3 2 2 3 2 2
4 11 8 1 1
  • Skills: Melee 3, Ranged Light 2, Streetwise 2, Coercion 2, Deception 3
  • Talents: None
  • Abilities:
    The Howl: Make a ddd Streetwise check once per combat. Each uncancelled success brings a nearby Bitey Howl Gang Member into the fight.
  • Equipment: None

Serrated MacheteMelee+53EngVicious 3
Sawn-Off ShotgunRng Light27ShortSlow-Firing 1
Illicit, Gang
Notable Members