The Electric Eels

A small punk gang marked by their streaks of dyed electric blue hair, they are famous for using concealed taser-style weaponry to incapacitate before delivering brutal beatings. Amongst their ranks boast many skilled hackers, which are often paid by other gangs and corporations to destroy cyber evidence. In exchange, the Eels are generally left alone.   They are not known for wanton acts of violence, preferring instead to utilise the InterFleck to spread misinformation and rumour. The last feud they had ended in a Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated raid on the rival gang after a hefty trail of evidence planted on the FleckNet led the L.E.I. to their stronghold.   They are currently led by a High Elf named Blue Requiem who has a reputation for being able to hack anything, anywhere.   A writing credit goes to Arka.


Blue is leader to the Eels. Their headquarters shifts constantly in an effort to not get tied down to one place in meatspace. Various lieutenants and cells are dotted around the planet of Daxu.

Public Agenda

Information, at a price.


They maintain many mobile hacking stations which are used to jack into the InterFleck system to accomplish their goals.

Illicit, Gang
Controlled Territories
Notable Members