Character Creation in the Crucible

Step One: Fill in the Character Article

Once you have been accepted into the group you will be assigned a character by GorgeFodder, navigate to your World Anvil Dashboard and you should see a character called Player something, where something is a number. There should be an edit icon as below.
Edit your Character Screen
Fill in as much as you can for your character, this will help inform your choices later on.  

Step Two: Pick a Race

Select a Species for your character from this list: Races of the Crucible  

Step Three: Pick a Career

Select a career for your character based on their back story: Careers in the Crucible.  

Step Four: Invest Experience Points

Each Race has a starting amount of Experience Points, you may now spend this on Skills & Talents in the Crucible.  

Step Five: Determine Derived Attributes

Now calculate your Wounds, Strain, Defence and Soak based on any characteristics raised.  

Step Six: Choose gear, appearance and transfer to your sheet

The last step you should edit your characters statblock with all the information. Temporarily using Adversary due to character sheet not being available


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