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Toy Soldiers: Old School

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Toy Soldier Saga
14 Flower Moon, 4639 AC | Full

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Toy Soldiers by Sable Aradia

The Avalonian Imperial Navy has long preserved the interests of elves in the stars. A handful of patriotic young elves join the fleet, looking for adventure and patrolling against pirates, Cthulans, and other threats.   But they are about to get more than they bargained for. Not everyone is pleased by the thalassocracy of the elves, and some of their enemies are about to visit devastation upon the Known Worlds, the likes of which have never been seen before...   --This campaign airs live every Sunday night at 6 pm PDT / 9 pm EDT / 1 am Monday UTC on Twitch! -- Check out Sable's YouTube channel for the episodes you've missed, or subscribe to our Patreon!--   Cover image created by Diane Morrison from characters created in HeroForge; background by Rajesh Misra.

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  • Known Space
    The known star systems and wormholes in the universe, as explored by starfarers.
  • Peridot
    Peridot is a small world in the roots of the Tree of Life known as Yggdrasil's Sprout, located in the far reaches of the Telasian System. It was settled primarily by elves and gnomes, and serves as an outpost for the Avalonian Imperial Navy in the system.
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Sessions Archive

7th Nov 2021

Episode 61: The Heart of Darkness

The Voidchasers race against time to beat the Fomorians through the wormhole, to warn the Telasian Fleet! And Nimolin has made a devil's bargain. What are the consequences, and will they be able to find a solution to undo what has been done?

31st Oct 2021

Episode 60: Spirits of the Void

The Voidchasers must make a rapid transit into the Draconian-Telasian Wormhole to escape and get ahead of the Fomorian Fleet. But they encounter more than they bargained for...

28th Oct 2021

Episode 59.5: Pollywog

As the Voidchaser traverses the wormhole, they induct some pollywogs into the Order of Trusty Shellbacks - including Nimolin Opalarbor.   (Prerecorded)

24th Oct 2021

Episode 59: Battle of the Telasian Passage, Part 3

The battle continues! Will the Voidchasers be able to strike a decisive blow?

17th Oct 2021

58: Battle of the Telasian Passage, Part 2

Episode 58 "Battle of the Telasian Passage, Part 2" - The battle for the wormhole wages on, as the Voidchasers assault the new flagship...

10th Oct 2021

57: The Battle of the Telasian Passage

The Avalonian Fleet must reach Telasia before the Fomorians do. Can they do it? Or will the Fomorians stop them?

3rd Oct 2021

56: Reporting In

The Voidchasers report to the Admiral. How well has their little "excursion" gone over?

19th Sep 2021

55: Back to the Fleet

The fleet has finally caught up with the Voidchasers, but discipline has gone by the wayside on their boat. What will the Admiral say?

12th Sep 2021

54: Loki's Night

The Voidchasers have decided that they're created enough trouble. They are lying low until the fleet catches up. Driven by cabin fever, Madrimlian decides to invoke an ancient elven tradition...

5th Sep 2021

53: The Hornet's Nest

The Voidchasers have reached the captured Permafrost base. Now they intend to deal with the problem. What happens when you kick a hornet's nest?

29th Aug 2021

52: Cold Shoulder

The Voidchasers have successfully deduced that at least part of the Fomorian Fleet has amassed at Permafrost. They land on the dark side of the icy flatworld, and make their way to the captured base on the far side in stealth and darkness.

22nd Aug 2021

51: Aces High

The Voidchasers continue the battle against the enemy corvettes. They are considerably outnumbered, but will superior tactics prevail?

8th Aug 2021

50: Shots Fired

The Voidchasers are extending the limits of their orders, trying to pick off enemy scouts as they approach their rendezvous with the fleet. But they're not the only ones capable of surprise attacks...

11th Jul 2021

49: Cry Havoc!

Episode 49: "Cry Havoc!" - The Voidchasers have acquired five Fomorian prisoners, and using Crowley and Mariyamma as a ruse, have decanted important information. A fleet of Fomorians, intending to declare war, has likely taken Permafrost, and are rendezvousing at Adonia for an invasion of Telasia! The ships the Voidchasers destroyed came from a system none of them had ever heard of. Things look very ominous. Now the Voidchasers must recover Airaion and Ruavel from their tactical outpost, and decide what to do with these five prisoners, with the complication that none of them are inclined to cold-blooded executions -- but war has not yet been declared...

4th Jul 2021

48: Targets of Opportunity

Episode 48 "Targets of Opportunity" - The Voidchasers have successfully taken out their first Fomorian ships in the black op they have been assigned to. Now, they continue hunting through the planetoids surrounding the brown dwarf known as Ballock, looking for a hiding fleet. Their mission? Count numbers, seek intel, and take out targets of opportunity.

6th Jun 2021

47: Ready, Steady!

Episode 47 "Ready, Steady!" The Voidchasers know that a special mission awaits them that could determine the fate of the opening salvos of the coming war, with long-reaching consequences. Will their crew be up to the task?

30th May 2021

46: Looking for A Few Good Elves

Episode 46 "Looking for a Few Good Elves" - The Voidchasers continue to prepare their ship and crew for war. How will they stand up to the Lt-Col of the Marine Corps' scrutiny? Will they be able to get underway, or do the Mithril have another plan for them?

23rd May 2021

45: Shakedown Redux

The Voidchaser has crewed up faster than anyone expected, with all the marines in Alasia vying to sign aboard the first Marine Corps ship. Now it's time to run them all through their paces, only this time, the PCs are the ones running the show. At least, until their superior officer shows up to return the favour...

16th May 2021

44: Green Blessings

The crew have acquired a Starseed frigate and a living Treefolk mainmast! It seems a match made in the stars. Gus, who was a sapling when he first went to space, is getting along wonderfully with the Voidchaser. Now to make her starworthy...

2nd May 2021

43: The Assassin

The young marines have foiled an attempt by the Wavechaser flotilla to rescue their Commodore. But who is the goblin assassin who was going to shoot at them with his air-gun? Was it the guards he was after, or the Wavechasers -- or one of the crew?

25th Apr 2021

42: Entanglements

Jeesa Wavechaser does have loyal crew, it seems. They have gathered in the city of Alexander to give her a stay of execution, pirate style. The crew of the Arianrhod's Pride might have a thing or two to say about that...

18th Apr 2021

41: Lucky Black Cat

The young marines complete their hunt for the pirates, and turn in their bounty and their prize - at least, if they survive the encounters with Wavechaser's crew -- and the street gangers of the city of Alexander!

28th Mar 2021

40: Pirates Ho!

After surviving their unexpected ordeal in Darkeast, the characters have nailed down the possible location of Wavechaser's ship to two islands in the Great Wing Sea, thanks to Samson's help. Pirate hunting time!

13th Mar 2021

39: Making Waves

The characters are chasing Pirate Queen Jeesa Wavechaser and her two starfaring cutters. She's wanted for treason in Delmayne and piracy in Alarah. Triangulation of strike points and process of elimination has suggested that she is operating out of a small island somewhere in the Great Wing Sea, en route between Alarah and the elven nation of Alasia. They begin their search in the coastal city of Darkeast. But Darkeast is not your average port town...

28th Feb 2021

38: Looking for Trouble

Airaion wants the characters to go pirate-hunting, and they still have to meet with the Allyre about the Sword of Alarah, and his brief sojourn into piracy, without embarrassing him before the court. In the meantime, the two nosiest people in Alarah (the head of the bardic college, and the Allyre's top intelligence officer and vizier) are snooping around the characters and their backgrounds. Talk about a pressure-cooker!

14th Feb 2021

37: Don't Fear the Reaper

The "bug-men" marines of the Arianrhod's Pride are finally set to meet the girls' brother, Estavan - and possibly the Allyre. But the Allyri have their own problems, and politics...

7th Feb 2021

36: Here Be Dragons

The crew of the Arianrhod's Pride arrives on Draconia with their dignitary guests. Will they find out why the Allyre was on a pirate ship, and be able to restore the Sword of Alarah discretely? And what will happen when the girls meet their mysterious older brother?

31st Jan 2021

35: Let it Snow

The characters arrive on Permafrost, the only place to resupply air and water before making it across the enormous expanse of the Draconia System. They have five days' leave. There's a victuals and supply depot, a customs authority, a Naval office, a bar, an inn, ski chalets, and a brothel. What sort of trouble can they get into in five days?

24th Jan 2021

34: A Whale of a Problem

The characters are heading to Draconia. Who are the mysterious allyri dignitaries the Arianrhod's Pride has been ordered to transport? And what are a flotilla of dwarven ships doing illegally hunting space whales?

17th Jan 2021

33: A City of Magic, Part 2

The crew of the Arianrhod's Pride have been set loose in Symmerin, the City of Magic. Their shipmates now know their secret. Can they be trusted? What else awaits them in the city?

10th Jan 2021

32: A City of Magic

The characters are headed to Caer'Thun, on their way to Draconia, where the girls will once again see their father. What adventures await them in the City of Magic?

3rd Jan 2021

31: Shellback

The Arianrhod's Pride heads into the Caer'Thunian-Telasian Passage. Those who have never sailed through a wormhole before must now be inducted in the Order of the Trusty Shellbacks!

27th Dec 2020

30: Break Time? No, Back to Work

The young officers from the Arianrhod's Pride finally get back underway, this time en route to Draconia. A surprise awaits them at the wormhole portal - but who will be surprised?

14th Dec 2020

29: On with the Show

After discovering revelations about their origins and history, the young marines from the Arianrhod's Pride confront Airaion's history, and then get back to work.

16th Nov 2020

28: Sisters

Now that the girls of the party know their true history and heritage, what does this mean, for them and for the former Avalonian Empire?

3rd Nov 2020

27: The Beauty that is Fleeting, Part 3

The characters are in Glimmerfell, and have met with the King. They have learned some interesting information about Airaion's family. Will he confront his legacy, and what more will the characters learn about who they really are?

27th Oct 2020

26: The Beauty that is Fleeting, Part 2

The characters meet with the King of Glimmerfell, and learn more about the politics of the Telasian Court. The King has new mission for them.

12th Oct 2020

25: The Beauty that is Fleeting

The characters discuss the mystery of Airaion's origins, and decide to take Xerxes up on the opportunity to visit Glimmerfell to investigate.

6th Oct 2020

24: The Shining City

The young officers of the Arianrhod's Pride are on leave at the Wintermist Estate in Evergleam. They enjoy a little downtime - perhaps a bit too much! - and they learn some things about the Sergeant's history that make them question whether his parents' disappearance was as "accidental" as it seemed...

21st Sep 2020

23: Back to Evergleam

The characters are no longer murder-hobos as they have roots on Peridot, but unfortunately for them, they have been recalled to The Arianrhod's Pride, and will be returning to Telasia and Evergleam.

15th Sep 2020

22: Court Martial

Now that Crowley's fate has been determined, the crew of the Arianrhod's Pride must deal with Marine Captain Goldbranch, and his overstep. They also blow off a little steam beforehand, and Xerxes and VonVin stop beating around the bush. Will there be political consequences for our intrepid crew?

7th Sep 2020

21: The Reckoning, Part 2

Having narrowly escaped being killed by a Marine Captain who overstepped his bounds, the characters must now figure out what to do about the situation with Crowley - and about the Marine Captain.

24th Aug 2020

20: The Reckoning

The fecal matter hits the rotary air distribution device! Things go off the rails when Crowley's actions catch up with the characters, and their perception of the Navy is shaken.

17th Aug 2020

19: New Orders

With the encounter of fish-men and giant space squid in the ship graveyard, the Toy Soldiers are tasked with investigating the wrecks to see if there are any more of them lurking. They find a few things they aren't quite expecting...

3rd Aug 2020

18: Roly Poly Fish Heads

While they are out training in their new "bug-suits," the young marines spot a blackness that blots out stars. They are about to be in the fight of their lives, all hinging on their ability to master their new space marine armour... and yesterday, two of them got tangled in the rigging...

30th Jul 2020

17: Going Buggy

The characters are transferred to the troop carrier The Sword of Stars, and begin training as space marines! Will they manage to avoid annoying their new Skipper? And will they manage to get a handle on these things without crashing, or destroying their ship?

20th Jul 2020

16: Back to Work?

Hoping to stay out of trouble, the characters decide to stay on the ship until they are ordered back to work. But fate has different plans. With the new "bug suits," the characters are about to be transferred to a new unit. And it seems Madrimlian's adventure with the Cthulan brain juice isn't *quite* over yet...

13th Jul 2020

15: You're in the Navy Now!

With the "Sunfall boys" effectively on house arrest, the rest of the crew are told to go out and have fun for the Midsummer holiday - and that's an order. But are they capable of staying out of trouble? Well, certainly Crowley isn't...

6th Jul 2020

14: A Bug's Life

Leave is coming to an end and the PCs are gathering back together, but once again, Madrimlian is missing. Can the characters find him before it's too late and what is with all the bugsuits?

30th Jun 2020

13: "Who Did You Rob?"

The characters continue to spend their leave - and their money. Madrimlian continues to pursue paralytic poisons, Lourik searches out new guns, and Crowley searches for a way to part more fools from their money. In the meantime, Airaion goes home to Kanothi to visit the "grave" of his missing parents, and Selene accompanies him. What *did* happen to Airaion's parents, and their missing ship?

22nd Jun 2020

12: Gimme the Prize!

The PCs tried really hard not to be murder hobos, and because of it they are returning victorious after one day with a prize ship and criminal prisoners! What will the party do with their new riches, find out tonight, as they return their prize!

15th Jun 2020

11: Enter the "Autognome"

Now that the characters have gotten to the bottom, of the bandits' boat, they have discovered an unlikely ally in the tragic case of Luwraek, the metal gnome. They have handily dispatched the first band of brigands as they returned to the ship, and now they find out if their luck holds when confronted by Captain Selasryn Witchsinger, a Swordsinger of the Svartalfar school, Witchsong.

8th Jun 2020

10: It's Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It!

The pcs are tracking the baddies and will soon encounter a new lifeform. What will they do with it?

1st Jun 2020

9: ...And, They're Off!

The characters arrive at Peridot with the colony ships at last, only to find that bandits have been attacking caravans of colonists on their way to new settlements. Will the Captain's favourite "troubleshooters" be able to track down the culprits?

30th May 2020

8: Singing "Away, Away, with the Fife and Drum!"

Ships loaded, smugglers dealt with, the PCs are now ready to leave Arianrhod for the vastness of Space. What adventure awaits them?

23rd May 2020

7: Are We There Yet?

The PCs have fought and tracked their way through the mine to find the missing people of the town. Will they finally get to the ringleader or are they still chasing Crowley's tail?

16th May 2020

6: And Down We Go!

The middies, and the sgt have engaged a number of ruffians and now pursue them deeper into the ground.

9th May 2020

5: Getting to the Bottom

The characters are steadily closing in on the baddies, or so they think! How will they cope with the loss of Alva to their group and the addition of an older, experienced sergeant to aid them?

2nd May 2020

4: The Corruption Continues

The middies are after the baddies. They are investigating and trying to find the headquarters of the smuggling ring. Will they finally get to the bottom of this?

25th Apr 2020

3: The Corruption Within

At the end of last game, the characters discovered a disease within the AIN, corruption. Now they are face to face with that corruption. Let's see how they handle it.   Second video of the session can be found at:

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18th Apr 2020

2: Shakedown, Part 2

The young would-be officers get used to shipboard life, and deal with Lieutenant Goldenbough.

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11th Apr 2020

1: Shakedown

The ship is leaving and Madrimlian is NOWHERE to be found Do the characters go AWOL looking for him or let him miss the boat?

4th Apr 2020

0: Introductions

Who are we? Why are we here? These questions will be answered tonite!

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The Protagonists

Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

Prince Xerxes Radiant

1-Level Swordsinger 1-Level Royal

Lieutenant Yazma Snowwind


Lady Selene Wintermist

Airaion Mithethas


Midshipman Ardan SpellSword

VonVin StarSong

Midshipman Lord Ruavel Sunfall