3 Buckmoon 4639 AC

The Training Begins in Earnest

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

3 Buckmoon 4639 AC
Well today we suited up for our first true exercise with the "bug" suits hauling the spindizzies from the Sword of Stars to the hulks on which they are to be installed for our training on deployment and breaching techniques. Once the spindizzies were placed, which took about four hours and left most of us exhausted to the point of collapse. The Sargeant and LT brought back a space tuna for the ship larder. Luwreak and I spent time in the Alchemy lab working with Specialist Tomlin on explosives for hull breaching. Ardan and Yazma are having issues with control and are going to need additional practice to avoid rigging and gain more control. With the initial run, they got caught up in the in rigging of the Sword of Star to raucous laughter from the crew. Not sure what Crowley was doing while we were on maneuvers but I am not sure it was to the benefit of our group. (Crowley went to speak with Specialist Tomlin about an idea he had for a delivery device which the characters will learn about in the upcoming game and then sat there watching the alchemist.)

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