18th Hunters Moon

Well will you look at that....

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

18 Hunters Moon.
We have successfully captured four more corvets, wiped out 12 gunboats, crippled one corvet, lost one corvet as it escaped. We captured 2 goblins, one named Ghenk (caught wearing one red and one green sock), and I haven't gotten the name of the one I caught before they could fall off the ship. Ruavel has taken the Cpt. of one ship as a prisoner and has given him his parole. The Ship which was taken by Selene and Nimolin was taken with no loss of life, so they have an entire ship of prisoners. I doubt Ghenk wants to return to the Fomorian army.

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  1. A Midshipman's Musings
    14 Flowermoon 4639 AC
  2. A day off the ship
    18 Flowermoon 4639 AC
  3. More intrigue... I love it.
    19 Flowermoon 4639 AC
  4. A little fun in the night!!
    20 Flowermoon 4639 AC
  5. Commendations and recognition
    21 Flowermoon 4639 AC
  6. Brigands and Autognomes
    20th Rosemoon 4639
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    23 Rosemoon 4369
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    3 Buckmoon 4639 AC
  9. A PRIVATE chat.
    27th Cornmoon 4711
  10. Well will you look at that....
    18th Hunters Moon