14 Flowermoon 4639 AC

A Midshipman's Musings

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

14 Flowermoon 4639 AC
Today was Oroaias, oh how I hate this day. It's the anniversary of my baby sister's death. I wish I had been paying closer attention to her, I was supposed to be watching her. If I hadn't been out enjoying myself I may have been able to save her instead of learning that she had fallen down stairs and broken her neck.
On other topics, We hired some new midshipmen today for the Arianrhod's Pride. Yazma Snowwind and her catlike companion Crowley, Ardan Spellsword, Alva Darkwood, VonVin Starsong, and "Lord" Ruavel Sunfall. A few thoughts on each. Yazma seems like a decent elf however her companion is a bit of a character and may just get us into trouble with the higher-ups. Crowley is a Finoc whatever that is, from some planet I have never heard of.
Alva actually scares me a bit, she is way too attached to her armour and weapons and seems way too eager to use them, hopefully, she calms down over time during this tour. VonVin and Ruavel are Alfar and are going to need extra watching.
Ruavel seems to be acting like his being Alfar is nothing important which is odd for Alfar. I truly hope his attitude isn't a mask and that he may actually be that nice. He had to light a cigar in the midshipman's berth and bring down the wrath of Lt. Numilor Goldenbough. Of course, the LT. has always been a prick and because of the situation has given us latrine duty for the next week. This is completely in keeping with his character as he has to find some way to lord it over those who are beneath him in the chain of command.
VonVin actually seems decent, I think it is because she is a druid and we can always use druids on the ship. If she is as capable as she seems this could actually be a fairly enjoyable tour.
Ardan seems like a very capable starfarer having had previous experience on starseeds. He does seem to be off on his own even when in the group. Though he may be worth cultivating a friendship with.
Selene seems rather taken with Ruavel so I am going to have to watch them closely. I don't wish to see her hurt. Of course, Ruavel seems to be interested in her as well which could have some major repercussions. I may end up having to play intermediary from time to time. Oh how ignoble.

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