27th Cornmoon 4711


by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

So I took Dazzle Kat for a nice little chat. I learned about her past, her time on the Fairy Princess (merchant ship). She used to make runs from Te'lasia to Simmeron. Orphanages in Amber Port in Te'lasia, Joan Boyer was the name she was given by the round ears in the orphanage. I have learned that Dazzle Kat has never had anyone to watch their back. I have explained that as a member of the marines we have each other's backs. I informed her as to the actions of the captain from before we had our own ship and the lashing she received, as well as the reason behind it. I have recruited her to assist me in creating the intelligence division and given her a task to fulfill. I said I would try to procure a second work uniform so she might be able to wash one while wearing the other.
Captain; I would like to formally request her as my Aide de Camp. There are things she can teach me and things I feel she needs to learn that I am capable of teaching her. Because of her history, I now understand her reasoning for the dislike of authority. As a child in the orphanage, she was treated poorly by the people there. I figure with time and the proper motivation she will become an excellent member f the crew. I did tell her you were close to spacing her to get her to listen to what I had to say. I doubt she will be shirking her duties any time in the near future, as that is part of the conditions I have set for her. I would like to pair her off with another marine for a time that has had a similar background, that is if there are any onboard. She has contacts in Simmeron that are not as above board as well would like but that is something I think we can use.
She has spent a great deal of time having to rely on her wits and skills. I am not sure she feels completely safe here at the moment I am wondering if there is any way we as the officers can help with this situation. Oh, and she has a nice little trinket that detects magic when looked through. I recommend we allow her to keep it as she had it before she joined up. It is not something that would be harmful to the ship or its crew and could be very beneficial out in the field.

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