21 Flowermoon 4639 AC

Commendations and recognition

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

21 Flowermoon 4639 AC
Well we completed our mission and were given 3 days R&R after reporting tot he temple of Arianrhod for psychological assessment. Once we completed that we received orders to return to base for parade. Upon falling in the base commander began by making a speech about the circumstances. The squad was singled out for commendations in regards to our activities in the apprehension of the perpetrators of the slavery and smuggling of conflict diamonds. Of the two Ensigns Selene and myself there was an adjustment in the chain of command, Selene is now acting junior LT. I am happy she got the promotion as it leaves me free to support her and still function as an intelligence agent. The SGT. was also promoted to Staff Sgt. I am glad for him. I enjoy working with him and the rest of my crew. Once our leave is over it will be time to report back to the ship and resume our regular duties there. I hope we do not encounter too much of the type of intrigue as we have recently seen during our tour otherwise we can all be in big trouble. Especially since there will be those who will have it out for our squad and will try to find any excuse to eliminate us. I will be discussing this with the other midshipmen, the Staff Sgt., and the Jr. LT. I am worried but there isn't much we can do at this time, except prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and take precautions to look after each other. Thank goodness we have Crowley who doesn't fall under the chain of command.

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