23 Rosemoon 4369

I think I made an OOPS

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

23rd Rosemoon 4369
On the 21st of Rosemoon, a few crewmembers and I went to Whirleybird for our time off. Luwreak was looking for better weapons for himself as that was the only place he could garner such equipment. Crowley and Yazma went looking for a place to make some money, which I presume was successful, and the Sunfall boys were looking for other things which I later found out were little space suits of a kind. I, myself went looking for alchemical training. While I was practicing my crafting, I decided to make coffee on the bunsen burner. I failed to pay close attention to m surroundings while reaching for my coffee I accidentally grabbed the wrong beaker and took a huge swig. I don't recall much after that until I came back to my senses on the ship. I do however recall conversations going on around me though I didn't hear them per se. I awoke to the feeling of having hundreds of voices in my head. I learned that the substance I had consumed was brain fluid which had a unique side affect upon my being. I am told I was brought back to the ship in a casket packed with ice to reduce my fever. I am going to have to be very careful now as I may unwittingly intrude into the thoughts of other crew and officers which could land me in hot water. In fact, I think as soon as I finish writing this journal entry I am going to need to ask the Captain if it would be ok to keep it in the ship's safe until I have further need of it and return it once my notes are finished.

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