19 Flowermoon 4639 AC

More intrigue... I love it.

by Lieutenant Lylas Madrimlian

19 Flowermoon 4639 AC
Once we reported to Lt.Cmd. Oakheart he gave us a new assignment, to find and detain if possible the malfeasants' responsible landside and to dig into the organization behind the smuggling of the conflict diamonds.
We retraced our steps of the previous night and spoke with Alia again this time bringing proper treats for her. In our discussion with her, we learned that she has been protecting the local population of homeless who have been living in the park. She considers them to be her people and they have been going missing. Roughly one person every week and a half. Of course, we reported this to the Lt.Cmd. along with the information that the ones responsible seem to be working out of a local establishment.
Crowley, Alva, Yazma and Selene did some footwork into the establishment, a pub or tavern from the appearance, and noted that there seems to be a hidden door in the back hallway. Most of the rest of us stayed outside watching for any trouble. There was no trouble at that time. We are of course heading back to investigate later on tonight.
As we were getting ready to bed down, after doing a thorough cleaning of our barracks, who should show up but Lt. Goldenbough to read us the riot act yet again. Demanding why we were not out doing work with the loading of the crates which was our original assignment. Selene quickly responded that we were on the night shift, which is true to some extent. After which the Lt. demanded to know why we were not in our bunks sleeping, to which we responded that we had just cleaned our barracks, of course, he had to denigrate our work and remark that they were still filthy. Selene calmly requested to know if he thought we should start over. His response was to order us to bed in preparation for our night shift.
Crowley that intrinsic troublemaker snuck off and reported the Lt. to the Lt.Cmd. without our knowledge. Of course when he returned and reported to us what he had done he had our full consent, since if the Lt. was here and hadn't reported to the Lt.Cmd. it could only be assumed that he was AWOL and up to no good.

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