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Journal entry 3

by VonVin StarSong

Wow we got asked for to do extra work for extra pay. Understand its shifting cargo hard work, but we are getting three gold a day for it so I am not complaining. So there we are down on the docks working our asses off when some of us middies noticed that something fishy is going on.
We dutifully report to the quartermaster. We learn that there are diamonds on this planet but they are forbiden for export unless they have been made into something as there is no way to tell if they have been mined by slaves. Conflict diamonds as it were blood diamonds.
I had no idea that such things happen animals don't behave this way. I still have so much to learn about the behaviors of the so called civilized elves.
Myself and my fellow middies are then asked to move the affected crates to the armory. We are told to expect some interference potentially. We prepare ourselves accordingly .
I am nervous we are moving conflict diamonds they are very valuable, the kind of things people might kill for. Someone could die maybe even one of my new friends. I am well aware that death is part of the cycle of life, but I have quickly become quite fond of my new found companions and fellow middies. I will admit perhaps having quickly developed a more then friendly interest in one of my companions as well and I would hate to have Xerxes gone.
We get approached by some enlisted well moving our first crate. They ask us to let them to take the diamonds from the crate to avoid a lot of people getting into trouble. We refuse and go right to attack perfering to strike first then be caught off guard. We take our opponents down siftly some of them flee. We manage to capture two.
That was intense thankfully no deaths and no serious wounds.
(draft/cliffnotes) Captain asks us if we want to do extra work middies all agree. Assigned to moving cargo. We notice some enlisted drooping small bags in cargo crates. We debate what to do and decide to inform the quartermaster. He discovers smuggled diamonds. We are asked to transport all the affected crates to the armory. Some enlisted approach us well doing so and ask us to let them take the diamonds out of the crates. We refuse and prepare to fight. They flee we manage to capture two of them. We stopped pursuit of the remainder becouse we had the feeling they were trying to lead us into a trap. Crowley tries to extract info but fails. Military police come and take custody of our captured enlisted. They march them to the armory where the brig is. Lieutenant white oak summons us to office to ask if we know anything about captain golden bough who was implicated in the diamond smuggling we don't . We are shown to barracks clean up and go to supper. We certainly eared our pay today. Most of us are exhausted I am merely tired. I am used to a long hard day of work. When we got back to barracks some of us decided to go check out the park that it seemed like the ambush was going to be in. Vonvin holds hands with the prince. When we noticed that Arden had stayed back selene and ruavel went back. There they discovered that our quarters had been invaded between the and Arden they apprehended the invaders. Arden says they were going though our stuff when we check it there is nothing missing but we do discover bags of conflict diamonds. We then immideatly on my suggestion turn them in. The Ceo is glad we wake him up for this. there is some discussion about a sylven creature we discovered in the park we discover it was a fawn. the ceo suggests if we approach it differently we might manage some more information out of it. The fawns info leads us to understand the fellows who tried to lead us into a ambush earlier that day went through the park and on to the golf course.