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Sun 24th May 2020 04:03

Journal entry 7

by VonVin StarSong

release prisoners put our prisoner in mining cart. we help get everyone out to the inn kitchen
we are less then kind to our prisoners but we do keep them from dying. We meet the lt comander, we follow Crowley to officer mess he finds the guy he has diamond dust in the dirt on his boots Selene tells him he is under arrest. he declines she shows him her orders, he slaps them out of her hand. she attempts to grab his hand Sargent intdimdates him into compliance. we march him out of the officers mess we take him to the brig. lt commander gives commands for reports and we head to barracks. over breakfast we hear skuttlebutt about our raid. Reports get written. We are given three days leave and 15 gold and orders to see priestess of arinhod for a psych eval. we go and get our evals done first. we pass then we enjoy a relaxing soak in the moon pool for a hour . we dress in civies. we do some shopping. midrimlyn tries to obtain a paralitic poison. its 300 gold a dose. we get called to prade and rear admril wintermist calls us up to reward and says we will be mentioned in dispatchs and we did yomens work. for busting up the dimonds smugglng ring we recive three cheers and this goes on permenante records. sarge permoted to staff sargent with pay increase. selene permoted. we go drink we get some loots