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Sun 24th May 2020 01:14

Journal Entry 5

by VonVin StarSong

Alva gets new orders and a Sargent joins us. we set out to raid the tavern we notice a watcher watching the tavern. We plan a fast sentry take out. sarg distracts the guy Crowley climbs a wall with rock and attempts to knock the guy out with his rock. and succeeds woot sentry down. we arrange the sentry so it looks like he is sleeping on the job. Crowley checks out inside of in finds guy napping against the door we lower him in and he takes out the guy who is in the inn against the door napping. we restrain him. We discover a illusory wall that was where the muddy boot tracks came from. Behind it is a steep narrow staircase going down. We send Crowley down the stairs to scout the Sargent gives Crowley a good lead and then follows him down. ogres and a black elf. we call the reinforcements to secure the inn We hid in alcoves cowely tosses a sunrod into the room of foes and yell there is trouble upstairs come quick ogres chase after i and xercies along with the sargent and arden and yasmin follow to reinforce Crowley. Selene madrimlin and our magus and ruavel head to the room to confront the dark elf. I don't see what happens. Crowley and yasmin strike ogre leg xersices nails it with a sword eleven archers pepper ogres and two die. I slash at the remaining ones face. It swings at me I am sure i am going to die it misses and hits the wall i am immensely relived. Crowley swats it in the junk and the ogre goes down. It is captured
The reinforcement head downstairs refugees come up I calm them down and get them to stay in the common room Yasmin helps crowly heads back downstairs