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Sun 29th Mar 2020 02:08


by VonVin StarSong

Vonvin is 5 feet and 100 lbs. She has long platinum blond hair and that is often tied back in a pony tail when she is not attending a formal occasion which is practically never if she can help it. She dislikes clothing and often wears as little of it as the weather and environment allow. She has pale violet eyes that border on silvered looking. She has pierced ears but does not wear earrings most of the time. For a time when she was younger she was always sporting different ones but as she got older she often felt they were in the way and seldom wears them now. She enjoys food the sweeter the better as far as she is concerned. She likes people one on one and can be quite chatty in those kinds of situations. However the more people there is around her the quieter she gets saving her words for when there is something important to say. She can oft times be found in the woods singing to the plants and animals around her. She has been known to spend hours following bees or lost in the close examination of things from flowers to deceased animal remains.