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Journal entry 2

by VonVin StarSong

My first official shift went well. The garden on board is amazing it helps supply the ship and keep the air clean. Its also huge. There is even a aquaponics set up with crawdads in it. Halfway through my familiarization tour all midshipmen were called to their quarters to meet a new midshipman. It turns out it was a alfer from the palace. He is rather handsome and quite nice. He seems to have a good sense of humor. I think I rather like him. He even helped with our latrine duty which he did not have to. I had a magnificent view as the ship left port through the windows in the garden. The colors were amazing and the Lieutenant Commander order myself and the Lieutenant to watch the ship leave port which was most generous of him. Today I mostly did weeding and carrying water to water the plants. Later in the evening I gave my fellow day shift midshipmen that were interested a tour of the garden. We brought Selene's owl friend with us who i got to met as well today for the first time. All and all it was a good day.