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Sun 3rd May 2020 03:48

Journal entry 4

by VonVin StarSong

(draft)Morning eat food report to Oakheart. We get assigned to get to the bottom of the smuggler ring. We grab some carrots and candied apples and candied violets from the market . we meet the fawn in the forest and talk she tells us she followed the bad people once and they went to a place with a sign that had a ship and a cloud. we assume its a tavern. She leads us to some homeless folk she has been caring for in the woods. we talk to them and discover that there number has been steadily decreasing. We suspect slavers. the prince is distraught that there is homeless people in the nation. We are all angry. We vow to help. We speculate the tavern could be a front for a slave diamond mine. We get lunch and report our findings to the commander. fawns name is aliyah. we visit the tavern girls have wine and chat crowley does spie stuff inside well medrimlyn keeps a eye on things outside in disguise. Crowley finds a spot where muddy boot prints disapear in a hall. we report to the commander with a plan to investigate thoroughly later in the evening. Lutient goldenbow shows up we reported it to the commander who sounded like he was going to drag him in becouse he had no reported in.