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Sun 29th Mar 2020 12:25


by VonVin StarSong

Vonvin (Vonvin which is an Alfar term meaning basicly (s)he has good luck) is the daughter of Lady Delia Starsong an middle aged retired Alfar druidess who died during birth from hemorrhaging . She was conceived with a handsome young ranger on the first day of the Spring Equinox after a tryst in the woods while her mother was out gathering dew from moon-flowers. She was raised by the druids on Glimmerfell as a community much like a community mascot or pet. She spent most of her childhood in the woods of Glimmerfell running mostly wild. As a young adult she was given her own place in the woods and eventually it was strongly suggested in a manner that she dare not say no to her elders she spent some time in formal lessons as to appropriate Alfar etiquette.