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Avalonian Calendar

The calendar of starfaring elves, and the standard calendar of Known Space

Because the elves were probably the first into the stars, the Avalonian Calendar is the standard calendar of Known Space.  
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Fomorian Calendar
Generic article | Jan 13, 2022

When the Balorian orcs arrived on Elatha, they felt it would be important, and powerfully symbolic, to embrace the calendar of their new home.

Use this link to convert any day from the Avalonian Calendar to the Fomorian Calendar, and vice versa!

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Author's Notes

You will note that there are few celestial objects tracked on this calendar -- yet. That's because there are so many to track, from a variety of the major worlds, that's it's a monumental task. Therefore, my intention is to start tracking them once I have double-checked their phase, cycle and date as they appear in the course of the saga. In other words, more celestial objects will start to appear on this calendar as I write. Thanks for your patience!

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