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The Battle at Zynmyrinar parts one and two

by Nimolin Opalarbour

After escorting Lt. (thats new) Dazzle Kat on a successful diplomatic mission along with Corporal Rando LeElf and Privet Aerin, we settled down in an ambassadorial sweet. We went to bed (not before a few rounds of hot baths and spontaneous pillow fort construction) only to be awoken by a com message from Dazz and Rando's bugsuits. While we were peiceing the situation together a friend of his majesty arrived to clarify and deliver bugsuits to Aerin and myself.
After arriving back at to the rest of our forces we were deployed to the Nunnehi city of Zynmyrinar that was under attack from the Formorian forces blockading the planet.
On approach we were broken up into teams, I was with Captain, Lady, Commodore? Seleine, Midshipman Ruevel, and Bosun Yvoleth. Shortly before entering the warzone I invoked a protection against projectiles on the lot of us (it also hinders tracking but that isn't particularly relevant in this case). Then we entered the battle, our groups split up to attack the ships that were firing siege machines upon the city.
Yvoleth attacks first, crossing the our quarries deck in a bolt of lightning, striking quite a few. Ruevel goes next shocking the Captain of the ship so badly he bails straight off the side! Seliene then casts some sort of entangle like spell on the ships main deck, vastly slowing the majority of our direct opponents. I then Invoke shattering on a shaman I saw's talisman, crippling at the vary least his casting. Tis a shame he didn't get stunned as well...
Yvoleth continued to clean house and Ruevel went after the falling captain to capture him before he hit the ground. Seliene moves to attack one in the doorway leading below deck and directs me to take hold of the helm. As the orc in the door wasn't down yet, and I cannot tumble past (Note: change that!), I ELDRITCH BLAST -ed him... he didn't go down so I did this again. Seliene cast something, probably an effect spell like "hold person", but he shook it off.
I imagine the others are doing as well as we are, if not better. I plan on shaking all these orc silly as soon as I take the helm! (Note: warn Seliene about that.)
And the battle still continues......

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