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Drunk wedding conversation

by Nimolin Opalarbour

Dazz are parties supposed to make you this sleepy??
dazzlikat passes the booze to nimolin ... your only sleepy cause your not having fun
dragonmagpie: are you sure??? (the booze is probbably sending underage Nimolin to sleep tbh lol)
dazzlikat shuffles the cards ... time to have some fun
dazz rando elf joins us
dazzlikat: there ya go, nimolin ... now we can REALLY party!
dragonmagpie: hee hee we should tie a basilisk to the prow and ride at the barracade hee hee
dragonmagpie: hee hee
dragonmagpie: Hey Dazz didja know I used to garden?
dazzlikat: cool
dragonmagpie: and then, and then... The void picked me up
dragonmagpie: like, like a kitten
dragonmagpie: and he ploped me back, and turned em all red and pokey
dragonmagpie: Maybe Queen Military Superor Lady VonVin would like some....
dragonmagpie: I bet she likes ppkey flowers
dragonmagpie: heh heh
dazzlikat: lol
dragonmagpie: I am a void kittin dazz did I tell you that?
dazzlikat: your a cute kitten, nimolin
dragonmagpie: I always wanted a cat
dragonmagpie: mother never let me have pets
dragonmagpie: she wasss sooooo mad when quill shoed up
dragonmagpie: but she cant do nuttin ganst quill hes too, hes too, epiic
dragonmagpie: yeesss
dragonmagpie: did you knwo its my birthday next month?
dragonmagpie: I turnn uhhh, how old am i
dazzlikat dazz being only half-elf ... has no concept of seeing nimolin as too as as dazz is only 30
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat cant see you as too young
dragonmagpie: i turn... 49! yeahhh thats it
dragonmagpie: yeeee
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: wow, nimolin! your older than me!
dragonmagpie: oh uhh dont tell the recruters they will kick me out so i cant join the marines
dragonmagpie: but like you are older in...... emotsions brain years
dragonmagpie: I like you
dazzlikat: thanx
dragonmagpie: You are the coolist coworker ever
dazzlikat: so are you, nimolin
dragonmagpie: I bet you re a great big sister
dazzlikat: no idea ... never been a sister
dragonmagpie: to COOOLIISST
dragonmagpie: where did aren go
EliKwake: I'm still right here
dazzlikat: aeron is here playing cards with us
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: so is rando
dragonmagpie: he makes, they meake good whip...
dragonmagpie: whipped milk
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat aeron, I think nimolin is getting pretty wasted
dragonmagpie: heavy milk
EliKwake: Vaguely wondering if I should tell someone you're underage, but you seem cool and outrank me, so maybe not
dragonmagpie: does heavy milk come from fat cows?
dazzlikat: lmao
EliKwake Aerin says "I think we need to get Nimolin to bed
dazzlikat: good idea
dragonmagpie: I dont want to go to bed I am in the meraingues i dont have a betime
dazzlikat: we all could use some sleep ... we were sooo busy dealing with goblins
dragonmagpie: you mean being a bartender, htat was fun
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: lol yes
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: so we been partying all over
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: time to get some sleep
dragonmagpie: this is great I love my jobs anf bosses they have very pretty hair
dragonmagpie: noooo
dazzlikat: aeron, since you haven't been given a bunk yet ... wanna have a sleep over at our space skid? its just big enough to hold three
dragonmagpie: *starts walking away with noticible help from her cane*
dazzlikat: .... once we iunload the ammo
dragonmagpie: I dont sleep dazz i see everything, even byoncee
dazzlikat: is ok, nimolin, I think tonight you will ... <hands her more booze>
dragonmagpie: omg i should drunk call the prince
dragonmagpie: Selnaris plllz tell dazz i do not have bedtimes
dazzlikat: NOOOO! he will learn your age secret if you do!
dragonmagpie: whaat idont tell him that
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: fine
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: Selnaris gets a drunken message from nimolin lol
dazzlikat the message to selnaris was .... Selnaris plllz tell dazz i do not have bedtimes
dazzlikat nimolin is VERY drunk
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat ahhh .... nimolin is just DRUNK
*selnaris tells dazz to put her to bed*
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat m TRYING!!!! lmao
7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat dont worry ... I got rope!!!
EliKwake Aerin is helping. "I'll get her legs Sergent!"
dazzlikat proceeds to tie nimolin up an stuff her into her bedroll on the space skid
warlockcmh: Airiaon wanders by, "Good job Colour Sergeant, carry on!"
dazzlikat: thanx, sir!

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