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The New Sanctuary Expedition

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Tairos
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The Westbound Star Caravan Company has accepted a contract to manage an expedition into uncharted territory. The goal, to establish the colony of New Sanctuary: a settlement that will supply Melanthris with the farmlands it so desperately needs and Ghal Pelor with a connection the mysterious western territories.

Our heroes are scouts in the employ of the Westbound Star and it will be their duty to range ahead, clearing the way, reporting on threats and making first contact with the people met along the way.

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Sessions Archive

19th May 2020

Dark Was the Night

Our heroes are only a day's travel from reuniting with the caravan at the final destination for New Sanctuary

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28th Apr 2020

Left Behind

The heroes have been stuck within a strange anomaly for what they thought was hours. But now, back on their home soil a full week has passed. They must rush to catch up to the caravan and deal with any impediments they encounter along the way.

10th Apr 2020

Relics of a Shattered Age part II

Aelfric, Riken, Mckenna, and Beorna are missing. Rehele calls the others together to share some troubling news.

7th Jan 2020

Nature's Wrath - Part One

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17th Dec 2019

Never to See the Light of Day (Part Two)

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1st Dec 2019

Never to See the Light of Day (Part One)

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9th Oct 2019

In Pursuit

The heroes must navigate the many dangers of Rylan Woods while on the heels of Heinrich Klamp

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9th May 2019


The heroes decide to recoup at Caellana's home only to find things not exactly as she left them

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15th Apr 2019

Into the Wilderness

Five days outside of Frial and into the unknown. The heroes encounter a small fragment of the totem spirits' true power

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20th Mar 2019

The Merchant's Son

An important alliance between the caravan and a medical supply merchant hangs in the balance due to his son's disappearance

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6th Mar 2019

No one left behind

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22nd Jan 2019

Distractions, Diplomacy and Dire Warnings

Summary of several side quests the players embarked on while awaiting the arrival of their caravan. 3 sessions between Jan-22 and Feb10th

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5th Nov 2018

City on the Edge of the Wilderness

The scouts arrive in Frial to announce the coming caravan and to investigate any potential threats

9th Oct 2018

Session VIII- Bloodlines and Secrets

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13th Aug 2018

The Frog God

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24th Jul 2018

The Derelict

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21st Jun 2018

Session V - Kobold Extermination

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2nd Jun 2018

50 Gold Coins - Cordelia's mini session

31st May 2018

Session IV - The Black Thorn

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20th May 2018

Session III - Broken Heart

The heroes are tasked with scouting ahead and securing the path while the caravan returns to Ackley to drop off survivors. Another blizzard hits and to survive they must spend the night in the Carrowway Inn.

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2nd May 2018

Session II - Deepest Fears

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26th Apr 2018

Session I- The Burning Turnip

The caravan's first stop is the dwarven distillery city of Ackley's Point. What starts a simple mission to get supplies and stoke the fires of a future supply chain quickly becomes a search for a missing relic. The legendary and delicious Burning Turnip

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The Protagonists

Caellana Merathiel

Cordelia Dathmor


Owyn Gerdasson

Riken Moondall



Erik Shepherd