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Fountain Head

Fountain Head is a small, extremely rural community established very recently with the generous help of the New Sanctuary Expedition.
Ingril Vaseren, a The Ghal Pelorian half-elf, was a man with an idea. That idea was a simple one, to create a stable, successful way point that bridged Frial, the small communities along Lake Bask and Ghal Pelor. That community would be the lakeside township of Fountain Head.
Ingril, his wife Vanatessa, and forty hardy settlers struck out shortly after the New Sanctuary expedition began. They were able to survive the harsh winter well enough and thanks to the Westbound Star Company's military scouts the way was clear of Kobolds, Dryads and similar threats. They also marked out where the lair of a Chimera was so that could be avoided as well. With these dangers out of the way and their smaller size they were able to drive ahead without taking any prolonged breaks and even overtake the pace of the New Sanctuary Expedition's pace.
However, the journey was not without its casualties. Ingril lost his wife and several members of his convoy to a sinkhole near the lake. The flood waters from the snow melt caused unforeseen instability in the ground and two wagons sunk into the mud almost instantly including the one Vanatessa was currently on. She and three other settlers drown in the wet earth and murky water. Once their bodies were recovered Ingril cremated them all on a funeral pyre and erected a simple stone effigy in their honor. The death of his wife was a significant blow to Ingril and other than expedition business he became reclusive and distant with the rest of the settlers.
Once at their final destination the convey began a small logging operation to harvest the wood needed for the first key buildings and the simple harbor. Ingril made sure to prioritize the harbor construction so that they could start treating with other coastal communities and building their trade network. This goal proved to be an ambitious one that would have taken weeks of hard labor if not for assistance from the New Sanctuary Expedition. The Expedition's leadership voted to assist in the creation of the harbor before carrying on with their trek toward Frial.
Fountain Head is now operational and is in the early stages of contacting other coastal communities and building relationships with them.


Mostly human with a small population of half-elves and Tengu


Currently Fountain Head is governed exclusively by Ingril Vaseren but he plans on creating a town council once the community is more established.
Thanks to Enreika Daggramar's influence, members of the Labor Union of Ghal Pelor are en route along with more workers and a desire to establish a Union foothold that will surely play a very significant role in Fountain Head's leadership.


The settlers are hardy folks and all of them have some level of combat experience

Industry & Trade

Small logging operation and the beginnings of trade hub

Guilds and Factions

Members of the New Sanctuary Expedition are aware that many of the settlers have some connection to theBlack Thorn Society and believe that this venture may be backed by their organization.  
  Malcolm Lambert of the New Sanctuary Expedition Leadership Council also knows several of the people in the Fountain Head convoy. They were petty criminals he had incarcerated during his time in law enforcement.


During the early stages of construction several members of the convey were killed in a construction accident at the harbor. Both of these two men were former incarcerated criminals put away for petty crimes with short sentences but those who come from a law enforcement background knew they were both suspected of far more serious offenses.
Another member of the convoy turns up dead as well, strangled to death in the woods during a hunting trip. The word "Fae" was carved into her forehead.


Simple wooden structures at the moment but because of the wetlands and flood waters considerable effort has gone into the foundations of the first buildings

Natural Resources

Access to timber, fish and farmable land
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ingril Vaseren
Owning Organization

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