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Important Life Lessons I Learned from Gustav
  1. Always ask first   2. Ask again and let them know you don't like violence   3. Ask one more time, and let them know you will be taking their belongings by force if they keep acting so stubborn   4. Survivors are ideal. Killing is messy, and someone needs to spread the word of your greatness.   5. A Gentleman never lies. Deception is the tool of cowards.   6. Freedom is the greatest treasure and the only one you are born with. Become strong, so you can defend it accordingly.   7. Wealth is a form of freedom. Acquire as much as you can, spend as much as you can.   8. The wealthy are overflowing with freedoms; they can afford to be robbed (this includes you).   9. Never work solo. Always have a crew.   10. 2 parts overproof rum, 1/4 part banana liqueur, 1/4 part allspice dram, 2 shakes chocolate and angostura bitters, stir over ice until chilled, serve up, garnish with a mint sprig.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, heavily muscled

Body Features

brownish-green skin

Facial Features

Mutton chops, big teeth

Apparel & Accessories

Long red and black bandanna; coat filled with axes, knives, and darts; Crude wooden trinket around his neck that is a terrible 'self-portrait'.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

BG - Before Gustav   Unknown home, unknown parents, unknown life. Gustav found me in chains in a cage on some wealthy merchant's. Gustav being a gnome knew that it would be a hard life for an orphaned orc/half-orc and kept me to raise a crew member for his ship, The Water Badger.   AATG - Age According To Gustav   5 AATG - Gustav begins teaching me swordplay, but Grigor does not want poke. Grigor picks up a woodaxe and starts hacking at deck. The crew tackles young Grigor, but Gustav laughs. Next day Grigor wakes up to two axes   7 AATG - Grigor is getting bigger. Next trip to Far Harbor Gustav will look for new axes for Grigor. Gustav is ambushed by the Elven navy on the trip there. We fight, some crew dies. More Elves die. Later Gustav tells Grigor of the tyranny of the Elves. Grigor now knows that the High Elves hate freedom.   13 AATG - Terrible storm off the Stormlands. The Water Badger breaks. Grigor wakes up clinging to wood floating just off of Tairos surrounded by a glowing sea. Literally glowing a soft blue/green light. The new gods have saved Grigor, have given him their blessing. Grigor's crew is gone. Gustav is gone. Where Grigor knows not. All Grigor have left of Gustav are his axes. Grigor swims to land soon finds an abandoned shelter, in the beach cliffs. Blessing from Gods.   14 AATG(?) - Grigor wandered lands fending for himself, but in need of crew. Grigor getting much stronger. Grigor faster too. Some bandits wanted Grigors food. Grigor's axes cut them in two. Never has Grigor done so much damage so quickly. The Gods have blessed Grigor. Stronger, faster, their magic courses through Grigor. But why?   15 AATG (?) - On the road, Grigor finds a wagon train beset by bandits. Grigor ask what going on. Bandits attack Grigor, so Grigor use his magic on them. Bandits are unprepared for such magic. Bandits bodies fall apart. The Birdman, Tengu as Grigor remembers them .Gustav said Tengu had good hauls on their ships. You always ask a Tengu for his haul if you meet them. But Grigor does not have crew. Grigor needs crew. Tengu says Grigor has saved him a lot of money. Tengu needs enforcer to make sure he always gets his money. Grigor has crew now.   16 AATG - Grigor not really have crew. Tengu uses Grigor to scare others. Why Grigor so scary. Gustav had said mainland not like Grigor because of Grigor's face. Orc face he has. Gnomes like Gustav fine with it, crew like Gustav's fine with it, Far Harbor used to Grigor. Must be magic. Grigor so much stronger than when with Gustav. On Tengu job he's seen magic, and Grigor's has always been mightier. Gustav. It's been long. Long since Gustav. Grustel, Gustav's brother is crew. Maybe that's how Grigor gets crew back. Visit Grustel. Let him know Gustav and crew claimed by sea. Maybe Grustel's bar back home need crew. Yes. Grigor informs Tengu (T'zaku) he needs crew. Tengu begs him to stay. Grigor say his mind is made up. Tengu suggest Westbound Star to get him home. Only group who will accept his...condition. Grigor knows his magic is scary. Grigor not want to frighten unless necessary. And along the way, maybe Grigor will make his magic even greater!


The High Seas

Personality Characteristics


To return to Far Harbor and let Grustel know of Gustav's death, which is very hard without a ship. For now I will work with the Westbound Star to assist me in travelling west.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Impressive physical capabilities, discerning eyes, gullible in the way that he always assumes other tell the truth like he does

Likes & Dislikes

Likes to tell stories, hates sneaky business, loves to waste time playing games

Virtues & Personality perks

Straightforward, does not believe in lying, loyal to his 'crew'

Vices & Personality flaws

Impulsive; egotistical, thinks he has been blessed with magic despite not being magical in anyway causing him to overestimate his abilities, believes in an Nietzsche-esque Ubermensche and feels entitled to maximizing his own potential


Contacts & Relations

Grustel Small-Leaf (Adoptive Uncle) Gustav Small-Leaf (Adoptive Father, deceased) T'Zaku - Tengu, merchant, former employer

Religious Views

Old gods are dead, but new ones must have risen to take their place

Hobbies & Pets

Likes to carve wooden figurines (very bad at it), Enjoys Fine Alcohol (particularly rums)


Deep voiced, Russian accent, Refers to himself in 3rd-person, States his opinion by saying what Gustav would think: "Gustav would never...", "Gustav says..."
Year of Birth
Dark Blue
6' 3"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Gnomish


Rogue 3 Class & Level
Sailor (Pirate) Background
Half-Orc Race
Neutral Alignment

Strength 18
Dexterity 16
constitution 16
intelligence 11
wisdom 11
charisma 14
Total Hit Dice 3
Hit Die 1d8+3
2 proficiency bonus
12 Passive perception
4 Strength
5 Dexterity
3 Constitution
2 Intelligence
0 Wisdom
2 Charisma
saving throws
5 Acrobatics
0 Animal Handling
0 Arcana
6 Athletics
2 Deception
0 History
2 Insight
6 Intimidation
2 Investigation
0 Medicine
0 Nature
2 Perception
4 Performance
2 Persuasion
0 Religion
3 Sleight of Hands
3 Stealth
0 Survival
Hit Points
Languages: Common and Gnomish

Arms and Armor: Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, shortswords, rapiers

Tools: Thieves Tools

Saves: Dex and Int

Handaxe, melee, +6 to hit, 1d6 + 4 damage, slashing, Range:20/60 ft.

Handaxe (off hand), melee, +6 to hit, 1d6 damage

Dagger, melee, +6 to hit 1d4 + 4 damage, piercing, Range 20/60

Dart, range , +6 to hit 1d4 + 4 damage, piercing, Range 20/60


Mage hand, mending, prestidigitation, shield, thunder wave
Dagger x 2
Handaxe x 2
Leather Armor
Clothes, common 5 sp, 3 lb.
Rope, silk, 50ft 10 gp, 5 lb.
Piton x 10 5 cp, 1/4 lb.
Waterskin 2 sp, 5 lb. (full)
Candle x 5 1 cp,
Lantern, hooded 5 gp, 2 lb.
Oil x 2 1 sp, 1 lb.
Thieves' Tools
Rations (1 day) x 5 5 sp, 2 lb.
Rope, hempen, 50 ft 1 gp, 10 lb.
Tinderbox 5 sp, 1 lb.
Hammer 1 gp, 3 lb.
Bell 1 1 gp, —
Backpack 2 gp, 5 lb.
Ball bearings 1 gp, 2 lb.
Crowbar 2 gp, 5 lb.
Flask or tankard, Rum 2 cp, 1 lb.
Sack, 3 1 cp, 1/2 lb.
Dice Set 1
Ram, portable 1 4 gp, 35 lb.
Dragonchess Set 1
Playing Card Set 1
Chalk, 14 1 cp, —
Three-Dragon Ante Set 1
Woodcarver's Tools 1
Whetstone 1 1 cp, 1 lb.
My Friends know they can rely on me, no matter what

I work hard so that I can play hard when the work is done
Personality Traits
There is freedom and there is your crew

My Pride will lead to my destruction
Bad Reputation: No matter where you go, people are afraid of you due to your reputation. When you are in a civilized settlement, you can get away with minor criminal offenses, such as refusing to pay for food at a tavern or breaking down doors at a local shop, since most people will not report your activity to the authorities.

Orcish Nature: Grigor will always have disadvantage on any social rolls he makes with anyone outside of the Westward star and other monsters.

Relentless Endurance: Drop to 1 hp instead of being reduced to 0.

Savage Attacker: Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee weapon attack, you can reroll the weapon’s damage dice and use either total.

Savage Attacks: On critical hit, add additional damage dice roll.

Sneak Attack: 1d6 extra damage on attack where you have advantage or another enemy of creature is within 5 ft. (use once/turn).

Thieves' Cant: Convey secret messages hidden in normal conversation.

Cunning Action: Use dash, disengage, or hide as a bonus action 1/turn
Features & Traits


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